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DjangoFest NW Auction – Henriksen BLU

A Henriksen BLU amplifier will be up for auction at this year’s DjangoFest NW. Stop by the DjangoBooks table to place your bid. The winner will get a great deal on what is fast becoming one of the top choices for Gypsy jazz amplification!

Marcelo Damon – Gypsy Jazz & Musette Walztes, Vol.1

Marcelo Damon - Gypsy Jazz & Musette Walztes, Vol.1 -

Marcelo Damon – Gypsy Jazz & Musette Walztes, Vol.1 –

15 classic musette waltzes in standard notation and TAB.

Goodbye Josh

I just wanted to let everyone know that Josh Hegg passed away earlier this week. As many of you know, Josh was an integral part of the North American gypsy jazz scene. A skilled technician of string instruments, Josh refined the art of setting up, modifying, and repairing Gypsy guitars. Back when I started this business in 2003, Josh was one of the only people in North America with the skill and experience to properly work on Selmer style guitars. I was fortunate to have him close by as he went on to setup hundreds of guitars for us over the years. Many of you reading this are likely to still be playing one of these guitars he setup, using one of his custom bridges, or simply following the heaps of guitar setup advice he contributed to our forum over the years. Josh was also a fantastic guitarist and a tireless jammer. He was often seen at DjangoFest or Django in June still playing away at the crack of dawn, long after others were too tired (or intoxicated!) to carry on. Goodbye Josh, you will be missed…

The Oscar Aleman Play-Along Songbook Vol. 1

The Oscar Aleman Play-Along Songbook Vol. 1

At last, accurate transcriptions of these classic performances!

New at

Spring is here Gypsy jazzers! Here’s what’s new at

New Guitars

2006 Dupont Vieille Reserve Brazilian

1940s Busato Modele #45

1940s Busato Modele #42

1950s Joseph Di Mauro Heart Hole

1940s Gypsy Mystery

2015 Dupont Busato Royale Brazilian

2012 Dupont MD50E

2008 Dupont MDC50E ***NEW PRICE!!!***

2019 Geronimo Mateos Audrey (Oil Finish)

2019 Geronimo Mateos Jazz B

2019 Geronimo Mateos Django

2008 Park Elan

1993 Dunn Stardust

2010 D’aigle

Eastman DM2

Ibanez George Benson GB10

Eastman AR905CC-BD Archtop

Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro

Peerless Monarch

Peerless Imperial

Peerless Leela

New Pickups

Geronimo Mateos LC Pickup

Geronimo Mateos Gypsy Bridge

Krivo Micro Manouche Pickup

New Books

Bireli Lagrene – Gypsy Jazz Guitar Artistry

New Lessons

Check out these free lessons from Yaakov Hoter:

Free Gypsy Jazz Course

Keep playing!


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