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New Guitars

1940s Busato Modele #45

Rare, highly ornate, deluxe model. Exquisite tone, in fact the best sounding example we've ever heard!

2019 Geronimo Mateos Jazz B

Fine sounding instrument from one of Spain's best luthiers.

1940s Busato Modele #42

Small bodied, easy playing instrument with a magnificent tone!

Peerless Manhattan

Stylish, modern looks and wonderful tone!

2012 Dupont MD50 Vintage

The classic! Played by nearly every Gypsy guitarist over the last 20 years. One of a kind variation with vintage finish.

2019 Dupont MD100

Classic Dupont sound for less! Rare quilted mahogany model.

2019 Dupont Nomade

High end sound at a player's price, nothing better in this price range.

2001 Jean-Pierre Favino

Exquisite example of the Favino legacy.

2008 Dupont MDC50E ***NEW PRICE!!!***

Fantastic deal on this mint condition maple bodied example!

2012 AJL Model XO

Nordic builder's top model with a heat treated top and vintage hardware!

2006 Dell'Arte Hommage Special

One-of-a-kind model with a bigtone pickup!

Ibanez George Benson GB10

Feedback resistant, time tested signature model that excels in multiple jazz styles!


New Accessories

Bireli Lagrene - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Artistry

An in-depth analysis of Bireli's style! Note/tab.

Krivo Micro Manouche Pickup

The latest design from the revered pickup maker!

The Oscar Alemán Play-Along Songbook Vol. 1

At last, accurate transcriptions of these classic performances!

Roch Lockyer - When Frank Met Django

Lockyer offers rare versatility with this celebration of Frank Sinatra and Django Reinhardt!

Geronimo Mateos Gypsy Bridge

No drill, external mount piezo pickup for Gypsy guitars!

Geronimo Mateos LC Pickup

Hardwired, adjustable, clip on magnetic pickup that is easily removable!

Christophe Astolfi & Son Quartet Joue les Inedits de Pierre "Baro" Ferre

A selection of never before recorded compositions of the legendary Baro Ferre!


From the DjangoBooks Blog...

1950s Joseph Di Mauro Heart Hole
1950s Joseph Di Mauro Heart Hole

The rare Heart Hole model from the elder Joseph Di Mauro. Renowned for its exquisite tone and thunderous projection!

The post 1950s Joseph Di Mauro Heart Hole appeared first on Blog.

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "News" on 06/04/2019 at 03:10 PM.

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