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1947 Selmer Petite Bouche #651

1947 Selmer Petite Bouche #651

This is it, the guitar that started it all! Vintage Selmer guitars have been studied for decades by the best luthiers in the world, but one has yet to create a guitar with the tonal refinement and projection of a vintage one such as this. Only the perfect mix of old world luthiery, select woods, and over seventy years of age can yield the astounding tone and projection that this instrument posses.

This example, which is near perfect original condition, was owned for many decades by Gypsy jazz legend Fapy Lafterin.

This one is really a dream come true as it has everything you could ever want in a vintage Selmer: Pristine condition, outstanding tone and projection, ulrra-rare Brazilian back and sides, and the easy playability you'd expect of a contemporary instrument. 1947 was arguably the high point of Selmer's guitar production as instruments from this period are known for their near perfect balance of tone, projection, and stability. Some of Django's best sounding acoustic recordings where from the Rome sessions which were done with a 1947 Selmer (#704.) This guitar exemplifies all of those qualities as it's tone is sublime an it's projection thunderous.

This is the best preserved Selmer guitar I've ever seen! The condition is simply breathtaking, with only a few sings of wear. The hardware is all original and in excellent condition. There are a few scratches and a bit of finish has rubbed off behind the treble moustache piece (possibly from the use of an Stimer ST51 control box.) There is one top crack on the bass side lowerbout. It has been cleated and is stable. The are some small, inconsequential indentations along the back of the neck as well as some moderate fretwear.

As you would expect, the tone of this instrument is simply sublime! It has a near perfect balance of mids and treble, allowing it to produce rich, luscious chords and clear, penetrating single note lines. Moreover, it has an ineffable character that is mature, exotic, and powerful; qualities one only finds in the very best vintage instruments. I should also mention that it is nothing short of a note cannon, with the sort of projection that boggles the mind! It's no wonder Fapy kept this one for so long (he owned several dozen Selmers during his career, and this is among the very best.)

This is a wonderful opportunity to own a Selmer "celebrity" guitar that is exemplary in both its condition and sound. A once in a decade, perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity!

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