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2013 Alves de Puga DR 670

2013 Alves de Puga DR 670
With over twenty years of experience, there's no doubt that Jean Louis Alves de puga is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled luthiers that specializes in building Selmer Maccaferri guitars. This exquisite example of his work was entirely handmade by Jean Louis at his workshop in the south-western French town of Puyo˘. A Selmer copy, this guitar has specs that are nearly identical to the original Selmer guitars that were played by Django Reinhardt. The scale length is 670mm and the body is 15 3/4" wide. The top is made of European spruce, the neck is walnut, and the fingerboard is ebony. The most outstanding feature of this instrument is the breathtakingly beautiful cocobollo back sides which are highly figured perfectly bookmatched. The tailpiece is nickel and the tuners are a set of Schaller Classic Deluxe, which are also nickel.

The tone of this instrument is very reminiscent of the warmer, darker, pre-war Selmers that Django favored. The high end is very rounded and thick while the midrange is prominent yet complex. Overall, it produces a very "buttery" sound that lacks the harshness found in more aggressive sounding guitars. It projects very nicely and can be played quite hard without getting too buzzy or brash.

Priced at only $3200, this is easily the best deal in the shop! A French made guitar with this quality materials and workmanship would normally be almost double this price. This slightly used example is in excellent condition, with the only signs of use being just a few faint scratches on the body. The tuners were replaced with a set of Schaller Deluxe tuners with ebony buttons (not shown in the photo.)

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Set Up Options (takes 2-4 weeks)
Install Clear Pick Guard ($60.00)
Install High Quality Ebony Tailpiece Ins ($40.00)
Set Up Special: Fret Dress, Custom Bridge, Restring, Tailpiece Leather, Adjust Action and Truss Rod ($215.00)
Install Strap Button in Heel and Endpin ($30.00)
Would you like a pickup installed?
No Pickup
Dupont Bigtone ($480.00)
Geronimo Mateos LC Pickup ($485.00)
K and K Pure Maccaferri ($280.00)
K and K Definity System ($240.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup ($245.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist (Includes Pre Amp) ($295.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist Plus 1 (Includes Pre Amp and 1 Thumbwheel Control) ($305.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist Plus 2 (Includes Pre Amp and 2 Thumbwheel Controls ($310.00)
Would you like to upgrade your guitars tuners?
No upgrade
Install Schaller Three on a Plate Tuners ($165.00)
Install Saga Deluxe Tuners ($175.00)
Install DR Brass Tuners ($465.00)
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