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2016 Eimers Short Scale Selmer Replica

2016 Eimers Short Scale Selmer Replica

Over the past several decades Leo Eimers has been one of the prominent builders of Selmer Maccaferri guitars in the Netherlands. Based in Almere, just outside of Amsterdam, Eimers builds his instruments entirely himself by hand. He is particularly well respected as a student of "Golden Age" luthiers such as Maccaferri, Selmer, Busato, and Favino. He uses his knowledge of these luthiers to build some of the most authentic and well constructed Selmer copies available. His instruments have been used by many professionals over the years, most notably Stochelo and Nous'che Rosenberg of the Rosenberg Trio, Robin Nolan, Boulou Ferre, and Wawau Adler.

This one of a kind model is a bench copy of a short scale, 12 fret transitional model Selmer (see: 1934 Selmer Petite Bouche Transitional Model.) In the mid 1930s, Selmer was transitioning from the original D hole design created by Mario Maccaferri to an oval hole model that would better meet the needs of professional guitarists. This model features the unique configuration of an oval soundhole with a short scale, 12 fret neck. A similar model was made most famous by Django in the legendary J'Attendrai video.

This instrument features a spruce top, highly figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides, and a walnut neck with a Selmer style grafted headstock. Hardware includes a set of Eimers Selmer replica closed tuners and a brass tailpiece.

Weighing in at only 3.7 lbs, this guitar is exceptionally light weight and resonant, evoking the sound and feel of the great vintage Selmers of yesteryear.  Like a good vintage instrument, this guitar has exceptional clarity of tone, with a warm, balanced character. The tone of this instrument is noteworthy for its depth and body that is beautifully paired with a snappy, punchy high end. It's massive chordal sound makes it a wonderful rhythm guitar, yet it still has more single note projection than most long scale models. I've always noticed that 12 fret guitars are noticeably more resonant, and this guitar is a perfect example of that phenomenon. You'd be hard pressed to find a 14 fret model that can match the tone and projection of this 12 fret model.

This instrument is in mint condition and is set up with easy playing 2.8mm action. It's also worth noting the short scale length makes long stretches much easier and generally lowers the overall string tension for greater playability.

Here's a chance to experience a unique period of Selmer guitar history without breaking the bank. Just one, call now!

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