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Here's the gist of the arrangement. Everyone is more or less doing it the same way. Let's try something fresh.

Django/Stephane video intro, guitar (myself) and clarinet @PapsPier playing the Stephane's part (J'attendrai 2 file)

1625 then opening melody, everyone plays, as written, right on the beat in unison with @AndyW playing fills around the melody. To record use "opening melody template", to hear what it might sound like listen to rough melody sketch.

Break, then vocal stanza @Willie followed by the first verse

Solos, depending on the number of people we end up with, we might have to split chorus. But record a whole chorus and I'll split it in software if needed. Use "rhythm track for solos" file to record). Note that the rhythm track start at 4 bars turnaround to get you to the top of the form where you'd start soloing, and it continues for a few bars past the end of the form just so it doesn't stop abruptly. Perhaps vocal scat for last solo...

Second vocal verse, break then second stanza.

Break then ending tag with @Bones and @PapsPier (file named ending)

And, maybe, final crescendo with everyone.

If you're not set up for dedicated studio microphone recording, then easiest way is to use one device, a phone or tablet or similar to listen to the track over headphones and a second device with the camera to record (make a video recording) so you end up with an isolated audio/video track. Then upload somewhere, Google drive or Photos or Dropbox or...and send me the link.

Currently everyone interested can record opening melody and solo. Make separate recordings for each. We'll worry about ending once we have everyone's solo and vocals, then I'll be able to record a rhythm for the ending tag.

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    I recorded a very rough rhythm guitar. I did it mostly so you @Willie (I used the chords you uploaded for stanza in that doc. file) can hear how it might go from the melody to stanza to vocals to solo...etc, so we can all start sharing ideas. On this track it starts with guitars doing the intro (after Django/Stephane part has been played)

    , then the melody, break on G7, then vocal stanza (16 bars), then main vocals verse then the solos (recorded just two times through) then the melody/vocals out.

    I counted 8 soloists. Let's go with splitting one chorus on two soloists. I'll record 5 times through in case I forgot somebody or someone makes the last minute entry.

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    @MichaelHorowitz sometimes with audio files, forum prompts to download the file and other times it starts streaming in the new window. Do you know why is that?

    Either way I found if it prompts to download and just want to stream it, then I do right click on file>open in the new tab it will stream.

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    I have a great version of this song by Bamboula Ferret, but it is not on the mainstream available album of his. He starts with the stanza and then goes into the main melody. I tried to find it on youtube, but it isn't uploaded. @Willie , if you haven't heard it, let me know. I might be able to find an mp3 copy of the song. His songs and singing have such a laid-back, enjoyable vibe. I could chill to them all night long.

  • WillieWillie HamburgNew Old french mystery
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    Fine work, I try to record over the weekend!


    Don't know this version, sounds interesting, curious to hear it!

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    Ok @Willie sounds good. I should have it done today or tomorrow.

    Not sure if I should break on G7 (have one instrument, probably clarinet, play a resolution of sorts) and go into a rubato stanza...or go back to C then break, then have a rubato guitar going to G7 to set up stanza...

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    I recorded a rough head melody sketch to hear how multiple guitars might sound like playing the melody together...and clarinets. Kept it super simple, played on the beat, in three different octaves and spread them out in the mix. I purposely wasn't trying to play perfectly in sync figuring it won't be easy remotely. And I think it would work. There are 6 guitars tracks here and we should have 8 soloists, so even better. Of course those who said would play rhythm only can play the melody as well.

    Is everyone up for it?

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    Oh, and it seems it sounds OK to stop on G7 without resolving the melody and go into stanza vocals.

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    @Buco Just sang along to the rough playback, very comfortable and relaxed! 2 little annotations:

    - Would it be possible to insert a second vocal stanza before the last vocal verse? There are lyrics for two of them. Or is this too much?

    - Did you play C#dim as second chord of the stanza? Maybe Am7 would be smoother because of the "a" in the melody.

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    Here's an idea regarding stanza, was just trying this before I noticed your comment...How about we play stanza to close out the song?

    So we all do our solos then have another vocal chorus with another instrument embellishing the vocal melody in the end. I'd also try to make it New Orleans style and have a bunch of instruments embellishing the vocal. This could easily get chaotic but it could work, I know people here who play trad New Orleans jazz and will ask if there are rules to follow to make is sound wild and exciting but not like a complete mess. Then, just like in the beginning, we all stop on G7, go back to Stanza at the end of which you just sing J'attendrai and we all come in with a crescendo C chord.

    What do you think about that?

    OK I'll try Am, my ear was hearing diminished but I'm not that familiar with the melody there.

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    Here's a rough sketch of the whole thing (only two times through for solos though).

    I changed the stanza chords @Willie you were right about C#dim not being a good fit. I tried this though, first half through I skipped the Am, only played the 6th in C, then second time through I played Am. That seems to open things up a bit more and bring more dynamics. Also check the stanza ending. I played it along Rina Ketty version and it fits, but I think in your version bars were different length. Try singing and see if it works. I tapped the count to help come in in time from stanza to "j'attendrai", should work.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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