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feynmanfeynman ArizonaNew
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Hi, all - I've learned a significant amount from these forums, so I assumed I should say hello and extend my thanks.

I am a beginner and don't have much to contribute, but I want to thank our host and all of the expert posters for the advice you didn't even know you were giving me.

Nice place you have here.




  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Dupont Nomade - Dupont DM-50E
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    Welcome, Mitch!

    Nice handle and photo. You may say you don't have much to contribute, but everyone has opinions. And their own journey to get here. Such as how you got interested in Django's music. Glad you said hello.


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    I am a beginner and don't have much to contribute

    I still feel that way a lot of the time, just hop in and share your thoughts and path you're on.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
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    Spent a lot of time in AZ and went to college there...what part are you in?

  • feynmanfeynman ArizonaNew
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    Thank you for the welcome. I'm in South Tempe.

    I'm an older guy (52) who's casually worked on classical guitar off and on over the years, never becoming very proficient (though very much in love with it). I dabbled in flamenco for a bit, but my heart seems to lie in Early Music along with much of the standard CG repertoire.

    I decided recently that I want to get out of the house and to try to play with some other actual human musicians, and I realized that I know nothing. For group music I'm attracted to, it would be perhaps an Early Music consort, or a Bossa Nova/Samba/Choro/somethingBrazilian group, or gypsy jazz.

    The Phoenix Early Music Society disbanded, and early music ensembles simply don't exist here. With Bossa Nova or Manouche Jazz, there is at least potential to interact with some local musicians.

    I don't think I have enough years to become any sort of skilled performer, but I'd like to learn enough to not embarrass myself too much. I hope to someday convince the locals to let me sit in and practice with them. I dream of a gig in the corner of a crummy restaurant.

    I know next to nothing about practical/applied theory, or improvisation, or using a pick, or staying in time with other musicians, so in the end I may fail miserably at this, but I'm going to try.

    If you read all of that, well...thanks.

    I've been reading here for months on all sorts of interesting threads, and it has helped me quite a bit. I thought I should join the forum if only to say thank you.


    edited to add:

    p.s., of course it's fun to think that I get to buy another guitar.

  • Lango-DjangoLango-Django Niagara-On-The-Lake, ONModerator
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    Hey, any fellow fan of Richard Feynman is a friend of mine.


    The first thing about gypsy jazz is RH technique.

    Everybody here will have their own opinion, but for me Michael Horowitz’s “Gypsy Picking” was a great starting point.

    Hopefully you can find a teacher in your area, too.

    Good luck on your musical journey!

    You will find a lot of support here, but in truth you have chosen a difficult path which seems to demand an OCD-level commitment to practising… luckily, modern technology is on our side… as you will soon discover when you check out great sites like SoundSlice and DC Music…


    Paul Cezanne: "I could paint for a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing."

    Edgar Degas: "Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.... To draw, you must close your eyes and sing."

    Georges Braque: "In art there is only one thing that counts: the bit that can’t be explained."
  • MikeKMikeK Asheville, NCNew Altamira M-10, Epiphone Zephyr Regent
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    What Will said. You have come across a forum composed of knowledgeable and kind gypsy jazz musicians who are generous with their time and knowledge. Take advantage of it by asking questions! And good luck on your journey with this music. On some level, I envy your position at the starting point. But interestingly, we're all there with you to some degree. We're all "newbies" as we tackle a new tune, arpeggio, way of approaching the changes, or even as we employ a new guitar, amp, pickup or pick. The wonder of this music is infinite and the true mastery of it is ever-elusive. So look for someone in your area to jam with who is a bit better than you at it & enjoy every minute of the discovery process. And welcome aboard.

  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
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    I know there are a few players in Phoenix area. Patrick Ciliberto recently moved to the area and he played rhythm for Gonzalo for years so there are a few but surprisingly little for a city that big.

  • feynmanfeynman ArizonaNew
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    Thanks again to everyone. I have a few instructor leads now and even a local get-together option. And the Internet. And you fine folks. I guess the rest is on me.

    I appreciate the welcome.

  • lorenzoplorenzop New
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    I spend the winters near Tucson wondering if there are any jams in area - I am a beginner.

  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 872

    there are quite a few players in Tucson but I know the pros, that said I think there is a small scene there and one of the music shops there is into GJ guitars though I can't remember which one. Hotel Congress had some Gypsy Jazz there before Covid and it would be worth a look to see if it is back on. The players playing there will likely know if anything is up. I went to the University of Arizona so I have a few ties left in town.

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