Luthier Marcello Quinteros (Buenos Aires)?



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    Another option is for a couple hundred more you get a Ivanovski guitar. I got one built and it is an absolute gem. You can order whatever you want and Risto will build it.

    Made in Eastern Europe ( North Macedonia) and costs a fraction of what guitar players pay for other euro made guitars.

    This guitar is a gem in every sense. Everything about this guitar is top quality. The sound touches the soul.

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    @prairiefalcon Finally someone else other than me being the poster boy and a spokesperson for Ivanovski. Risto builds really good stuff.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    Hey Prariefalcon,

    Thanks for the follow up and letting me in on Ivanovski. All of the pictures look great. What types of cosmetic things were you referring to with the MQ? How would you describe the sound? Also, how long did shipping take on that guitar, coming from Argentina?

    Finally, about the Ivanovski, how did you go about ordering a guitar from him?

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    I bought this guitar from Risto last July (almost a year ago). I reached out and asked him what what available now or soon in an oval - I did not custom order as I don't know enough about guitars to know what to ask for.

    Not sure if I contacted him through Messenger

    or through email . . . [email protected]

    His description: The top is solid German Spruce, the body is Indian Rosewood, the back is laminated with Mahogany. She has 5 piece Mahogany neck with trussrod. Brazilian rosewood pickguard is extra feature. This guitar has a pliage on the soundboard

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    That's a beauty!!! Love the aged finish

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    You can always reach out to Risto via FB, email or phone

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    Ill pm you some pics tomorrow on the minor cosmetic faults. Shipping was just a few days from Argentina to Canada via dhl. Sound is hard to describe for me. It is bright and loud. Rhythm is crisp.

    Risto Ivanovski Luthier is on Facebook. He replies quick.

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