Speaker and cabinet upgrade for ZT Lunchbox Acoustic

I don't think many people around here are using this amp but I wanted to put this up there in case somebody is searching for information. I've seen a question being asked a few times on various forums, what's the replacement speaker for this amp. That's how I found out it's most likely 8ohm speaker by Eminence.

I wanted to put a full range speaker to get the extended frequency range. First I considered adding a tweeter with the crossover to the existing speaker but figured there might be a full range speaker of the same size out there. And there is.

All the same specs are as the original (8ohm 100W RMS, 200W continuos and 400W peak power) and seemed to be identical size on paper. It turned out it's a 1/16" bigger so to drop it inside cabinet I had to enlarge the outside opening some.

Once it was in and I tested it, I got the extended range I was looking for. It doesn't sound as nice as a two-way speaker would but this is a guitar amp after all. However I still heard what could be described as a hollow and boxy sound which is what put me on the path of looking to replace the speaker. Only now it was clear and crisp. So I decided to stuff the cabinet with something you might use for the HiFi speaker and see if that would help. I picked up a wool felt sheet. Turns out it sounded hollow because well, it was hollow. Big improvement. It sounds so much better, almost like a different amp.

So for about $45 plus less than hour of work your lunchbox acoustic can sound a whole lot nicer.

Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel


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