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Sharmat Andersson Project Final Video (Laura)

ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
edited September 29 in Welcome Posts: 852

Two years after Neil Andersson and I finished our “Strings” album we have embarked on “Strings Too” or whatever it will be called. The first album two years after completion still gets pretty much daily airplay nationally on Sirius XM’ EZ listening station here in the states. The production of these albums is not the typical let’s go play and have someone mix it and be done. This is under the microscope production to an extent. The guitar playing is pretty basic, lay down a rhythm track, thrown on a midi bass and do a solo or two till you get something you like. Then I arrange midi strings over the whole thing. Bass then gets replaced as do the strings with real players. Drums get added if there are to be any, usually not.

I have a midi mockup of “Laura” below to check out (of course ruff mix) and I’ll post as things move along if anyone is interested. 

I now have the final video below of the real players.



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