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Edit: I replaced the original upload with the finished track

I guess it's time and a good idea to start a dedicated thread for each song and track the progress of each.

So this is what I recorded yesterday. The intro is in two sections, first one is in 9/8s and second in 4/4. I recorded a 4/4 voice beat between the two with the idea to sort of announce the time change and then to make things equal I added one in the beginning as well. These don't have to stay, or @Willie you record your own and I take me out, or we can have somebody play it as a percussion, or omit altogether. ...I just added a percussion using sides of the guitar, to the voice beat...

There is a rhythm guitar track for two verses of vocals. So @Willie you can start on vocals whenever you feel.

I ended this recording at the start of solos. I wasn't sure how many solo sections to play. I know @gitane007 will play on it.

I think at least one if not both of our Hot Club clarinetists will take part also. @AndyW and @PapsPier would you both solo? Also would one of you/both like to play the melody over the 9/8s intro part and there is that section at the outro of the song which I had clarinet in mind with violin. Maybe one of you can take the intro and one the outro and you both solo. Let me know if you agree. I can record and send all the parts separately for you to learn.

As soon as I post this I'll make a chord chart in iReal and post it.

@bbwood_98 Ben, you said you can play bass on this one too, right? And if you want, you can play another rhythm guitar without passing chords.

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    Not sure if you've heard this version yet, but I was just listening to the album this morning on Spotify. The song came up and thought of this project. Don't know if anyone posted it yet. This is Koen de Cauter & son + Tcha & father. Maybe it will provide inspiration to someone?

  • WillieWillie HamburgNew Old french mystery
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    @billyshakes this surely is inspiring!

    @Buco I am going to experiment with different versions of vocals this weekend (slovakian and romani, low and high, rhythm track with and without passing chords) and post the resulting tracks here (at least those I can go on living with).🎤

    Suggestion for rhythm guitar without passing chords:

    Am E7 | Am G | C G | C A7 |

    Dm | Am Dm | F7 E7| Am Dm Am G7 |

    C Dm | Am Dm | F7 E7 | Am Dm Am (E7) ||

    This is quite the way I know this song.

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    New version of chart below...

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    And, only as I was writing out this chart, I realized that the fiddle part of intro is 7 bars. I could make it 8 bars and just let the E7 ring out for a bar. Any thoughts about this? By the way, I'm recording this in takes, too complex to do it a single take and in the end I'll just do the lip-sync guitar with video.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    This is the whole thing. I cought a few mistakes in the previous one. Also @Willie I'm just noticing now our versions aren't exactly the same, it looks like only the turnaround. I was trying to get it done and didn't pay attention, if it needs small changes going forward that'll be easy.

    Edit: I simplified the previous chart a little bit. The note on solos section "alternate chords last time through" mean bars 15 and 16 in a soloist cycle.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    For vocal chorus': playing "C Dm" at the beginning of both repetitions of the turnaround sounds very o.k.; and the "Am Dm Am E7" in the last bar for me is not mandatory. Let's use your sheet!

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    Not that much time this weekend: my KrassBrassBand (childrens brass band) are playing a church service tomorrow mornig (by the way: among other tunes we are playing "People get ready". I appreciate the subtext of the underground railroad; and the music, of course! A fine tune to sing, too). And I totally forgot, that my sister in law's family came to visit this morning - and I am the cook this day. So when everybody took a walk, I did a little recording, just to demonstrate the way I could imagine how to approach DUJ:

    @Buco Your accompaniment feels very comfortable!

    BucobillyshakesBill Da Costa WilliamsBones
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    Fantastic!!! If this is you not trying... wow, can't wait...

    None of this is in any hurry, we can move at a slow pace.

    This is exciting!

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • WillieWillie HamburgNew Old french mystery
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    Thank you! It's easy to sing along to a swinging guitar ...🎻

    (Trying to delete the violin and replace with a guitar, but it doesnt't work. Next time when posting something here I should wear my glasses.)

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