Homemade amp...why not? (contains cheating)



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    @scot Nice one! I think I saw that model just recently. Driver was a lady with old school helmet and glasses.

    Anyway I had a little bit problem with tube rattle. I fixed that by screw between tube and chassis. But that's not "clean solution". Would new tube help? And with brand of power tube is the best?

    Today I made just small feature. Cover to transformer. Is that safe? It's open from both sides.

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    There are "tube dampers" that can help somewhat with mechanic rattle. Like this one

    Or the the tube/s could be bad. Can you try a different guitar cabinet? So you can rule out if it's something going on with your cabinet or it's the tube/s and amp itself. Next thing you can do is turn on the amp and use a pencil, the side with eraser to lightly tap on the tube and see if one in particular makes a bad rattle. If you find one, replace it.

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  • TomasTomas CzechNew Oval By luthier Jakub Hřib
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    @Buco I'm pretty sure that it's power tube or it's socket. When I hold it down rattle stops. Screw between chassis and tube helps. It's net ideal but it works. I will mabye try buy a new tube. Can I just swap that or is there necessary set up amp for it? Thanks for help!

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    If it's preamp tube, you can just replace it. If power tube, the amp should be biased with the new tube. Or maybe your amp is self-biasing design. Can you ask the people you bought the amp from?

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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