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Menilmontant, So-Di sessions, musicians in a box, plus new one

edited September 27 in Welcome Posts: 2,910

A little something we recorded recently, my first socially distanced music video:

Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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  • pmgpmg Atherton, CANew Dupont MD50R, Shelley Park Custom, Super 400, 68 Les Paul Deluxe, Stevie Ray Strat
    Posts: 138

    Totally excellent Buco!!! Lightening could have been a tad better - but sounds great!

    Can you share details of how this was done including recording process, mics, software, cameras, etc.?

    How long did it take to do this?

    I'm always interested in jamming with experienced jazz and gypsy jazz players in the San Francisco - San Jose area. Drop me a line. Bass players welcome!
  • edited September 18 Posts: 2,910

    Thanks man! Started with me recording a rhythm track, then bass then soloists. Not sure how long they took, I'd guesstimate the total around 8 hours with recording mixing and editing. The rest of them are actually the same family, Gekker; Suzanne, Chris (trumpet) and Jason (bass). They're all classical musicians, top shelf. I'm very lucky to play with them. Not sure what mics they use, I'm using Neumann TLM 102 into a Scarlett interface. I used my phone, just a front camera, I imagine they did something similar. It's a lot to keep a track off when you're recording both video and audio and want both to be a decent quality. I know on my solo and rhythm fills track there's a lot of outside light bleed which I noticed and it bugged me but I figured if I start dealing with that I'll never be done so I said to hell with it. Suzanne mixed the audio in Reaper and Jason did the video but I don't know what he used.

    thanks again

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • MikeKMikeK Asheville, NCNew Altamira M-10, Altamira M-01D, Epiphone Joe Pass
    Posts: 80

    Great playing, Buco! Your solo, your rhythm, your tone, all of it is top notch. A pandemic gem.

  • Posts: 2,910

    Thank you Mike! Music to my ears haha :)

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Lango-DjangoLango-Django Niagara-On-The-Lake, ONModerator
    Posts: 1,474

    Two enthusiastic end-of-summer thumbs up here in Niagara!

    Hey, who arranged this? That horns-in-harmony part was hip, kind of Bix-ish even...

    Congratulations, Buco, you have created something beautiful in an ugly time...


    Paul Cezanne: "I could paint for a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing."

    Edgar Degas: "Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.... To draw, you must close your eyes and sing."
  • Posts: 2,910

    One enthusiastic thank you back to you Will!

    To make things easier to communicate since it's remote, Suzanne proposed we take a version by Dan Levinson as a basic structure. I came up with the guitar intro. The horn arrangement has a Django connection but I asked Suzanne for details.

    Thank you for the kind words my friend.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Posts: 2,910

    Ok Will @Lango-Django I found out the horn arrangement was inspired by Django's solo on the same song from Rome sessions.

    Also @pmg they used MXL large condenser mic into a Scarlett interface and iPad for video. The video was done in Sony Vegas Pro.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Posts: 2,910

    Another one, J'suis Pas D'ici by Thomas Dutronc. I provided rhythm guitar:

    MichaelHorowitzLango-DjangobillyshakesAndrew Ulle
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 667

    Nicely done Buco!

    nice project to have during COVID.

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