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Audio Clip: Django’s solo performance of Nuages

Sometime in June of 1950 Django recorded a nearly fifteen minute long unaccompanied guitar version of Belleville and Nuages. I transcribed the Nuages section of the performance for my book Unaccompanied Django. I split it into three pieces, Theme I (Nuages Intro), Nuages, and Theme II (Nuages Outro).

This performance is available on the CD Integrale Django Vol.19 (1950-1952) Troublant Bolero.

Only the Nuages section is included. Enjoy – Michael.

Nuages MP3

Jam #3: Paulus Schafer

This is yet another mini disc recording from one of my lessons with the immensely talented Gypsy guitarist Paulus Schafer. On this recording he demonstrates how to play Gypsy style Rhythm Changes by tearing up the Reinhardt composition Babik.

I will soon be receiving some copies of Paulus’ CD Into the Light . They will be available for purchase here. Enjoy! -Michael

Babik MP3

Jam #2: Michael Horowitz and Paulus Schafer

Here’s an MP3 of Paulus Schafer and I jamming on the Reinhardt classic Daphne. Once again, my “lesson” became a community event with nearly half the residents of the Gerwen camp crammed into Paulus’ living room. A young Gypsy joined in and provided some excellent rhythm. I solo first and then Paulus. Enjoy! -Michael

Daphne MP3

Jam: Michael Horowitz and Paulus Schafer

During my stay in Holland I spent a great deal of time at the Gypsy camp in Gerwen. Gerwen, along with its sister camp in Nuenen, has produced some of the world’s best Gypsy guitarists. Stochelo Rosenberg, Jimmy Rosenberg, Nous’che Rosenberg, and Wasso Grunholz are just a few of the talented guitarists from these camps.

This recording was made in Gerwen during one of my “lessons” with Paulus Schafer. Paulus is one of the immensely talented Gypsy guitarists from Gerwen. Gypsies always appreciate good music. During this jam nearly half the camp was crowded into Paulus’ caravan. One Gypsy even grabbed a camcorder and filmed the whole thing. I’ve never seen the video, but this mini-disc recording captured Paulus and I playing the Reinhardt composition Douce Ambiance. I solo first and then Paulus solos (he is also whistling throughout the performance!). Recorded on June 7, 2002. Enjoy! -Michael

Douce Ambiance MP3
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