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From the DjangoBooks Blog...

2017 Geronimo Mateos Special Chorus

2017 Geronimo Mateos Special Chorus
Spain’s most revered builder pays tribute to this classic Di Mauro model!

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 12/13/2017 at 03:19 PM.

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RE: Villa Lobos Preludio n. 1 Arpeggios

NylonDave wrote Couple of things 1 Title is Etude no 2 2 None of the scale positions are efficient or workable Especially the section with eight consecutive diatonic notes on one string at bar thir...

Posted by juanderer on 01/20/2018 at 01:45 AM.

RE: Gypsy Jazz Club in SF Bay Area

Im guessing the 20 is split between the facility Keith Holland Guitars and MartiniMax whom works as an instructor there I believe he plays mostly jazz and is not exclusively into gypsy jazz When I wen...

Posted by jonpowl on 01/19/2018 at 10:33 PM.

RE: Gypsy Jazz Club in SF Bay Area

MartiniMax - posted this discussion on the San Francisco Bay Area Gypsy Jazz group on facebook A couple folks were wondering what the 20 is going toward Looking forward Thanks

Posted by crescendo on 01/19/2018 at 09:13 PM.

Christiaan van Hemert’s recent videos and Patreon page

Christiaan van Hemert has put up a series of videos recently where he has reworked some concepts he started out with years ago His gypsy rhythm video for example its a very straightforward yet compact...

Posted by Chiefbigeasy on 01/19/2018 at 07:56 PM.

RE: Online Lessons Suggestions

Kind of depends on what your level playing currently is If youre just starting out with guitar in general thats very different than coming from a different style as a pretty accomplished player Neve...

Posted by Chiefbigeasy on 01/19/2018 at 07:43 PM.

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