Traditional progressions we misinterpret

I’m curious if anyone has some progressions that are often played differently now a days.

I know “misinterpreted” isn’t fair as a lot of us knowing modernize these things now a days, but I’m curious if some of you have dug into learning the tunes off records that differ from how we tend to play them now in concerts or jams.

I would love to see an IReal list with tunes written in the more traditional progressions and voicings.


  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
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    On Danse Norvegienne everyone plays F#m7b5 B7 Em A7, but if you listen to Django there is no such thing. It's more like Adim % A7 %

  • rudolfochristrudolfochrist Worms, GermanyNew Dupont MD-100
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    I think @dennis has created some iReal Pro lists with original chord progressions transcribed from old recordings. IIRC I saw some floating around on Facebook.

  • swing68swing68 Poznan, Poland✭✭✭ Manouche Modele Orchestre, JWC Catania Swing
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    I've seen a fair few cases of original IV major - IV minor miscast to IV major -> VII7. The first four bars of "I'll see you in my dreams" and "After you've gone" being the ones encountered most often.

    The war on Am7 and Cmaj7 begins here ...
  • MartinGMartinG MontréalNew Dupont
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    Hi King_Cardboard !

    This a great question ! Unlike in jazz, in Gypsy jazz the chords we play in the tunes are often very different from original versions. I guess very few people actually transcribe the chords in Django tunes.

    All the backing tracks I produce on my channel ("Guitare Improvisation") are based on transcription (of various versions if necessary) before I record them, and you can find information in the video and in the description, such as accurate chord notation or corrections if mistakes are found afterwards.

    True on various versions, but not the 1947 one which is probably the most famous due to the intro

    I am interested to know the link if Denis Chang did an IRealList of tunes !

    Also, I am thinking about producing an alternative to the Django Fakebook, which would be open to suggestions and corrections, because the one that is well known today doesn't help playing the tunes we like with the appropriate chords, and it's a pitty. I some of you have some opinion or suggestions about this project I would be glad to hear them !

  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Dupont Nomade - Dupont DM-50E
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    I like your backing tracks and channel, @MartinG ! Thanks for making them.

  • Posts: 4,816

    Same here, Martin, I often use your backing tracks when I get tired of listening to band in a box. Thank you.

    It's not easy for me to say because somebody put time and energy into Django Fakebook but I really don't like it, it sucks. The only time I have trouble in a jam is when the rest of people use Dfb and its changes. Then I have to look at their hands and figure out whatever it is that they play. None of it is what you'd typically hear in a jam setting (except a jam using Dfb).

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • WillieWillie HamburgNew
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    Not about chord progressions, but about using wholetone runs:

    Although understanding altered chords and scales is not one my greatest skills (singers, you know!): is it possible that with wholetone runs there is a V7+ chord suggested where sometimes there should be a V7b13 chord, which would lead to a different scale?

  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
    Posts: 1,459

    True on various versions, but not the 1947 one ..

    @MartinG do you have a link to show what you mean? I listened again the 1947 one but I am not hearing it.

  • MartinGMartinG MontréalNew Dupont
    Posts: 46

    Oh sorry, I just realized there are 2 versions, I was talking about the July one :

    But even if the bass player lands on a E on the A7, I agree with you, the more correct way to write it would be A° A7 :-)

    Thank you for posting this info !

    Haha, I understand, I know this situation ! :-)

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