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My New Covid Vit Cach Geetar

ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
edited September 2020 in Welcome Posts: 684

I ordered a new Vit Cach guitar back in January after playing Neil Andersson's. Vit had some reservations because of the shipping to the US but we forged ahead. Vit was fantastic all the way through the process asking me details on the guitar that i generally referred back to his better judgement. Then the shipping happened or kind of didn't. Vit shipped as the pandemic was jut hitting, months went by and no movement on the guitar. Vit even offered me my money back but after talking with both Michael here and ***** they both assured me that it would show up...which as you can tell by the title on the thread it did...

here is the guitar with his duck...I like ducks, i did not however receive one with the guitar...

Here is a quick pass with the guitar...loving it, it has a very vintage sound to me though my playing here is not very.

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