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    I was at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Fest this summer and d'addario had a booth. I was checking things out and found a 2.5mm casein triangle pick just laying around. I loved it. I tried to buy it but it was unavailable. The guy running the shop said it is a prototype and they were doing market research to see if folks liked them. I loved it, so he gave it to me and told me to tell my friends about it. He said they would probably sell for around $30.00. Hopefully they will sell them some day soon. The pick is like the Chris Thile one in the link only 2.5mm.

    It is pretty loud and has a pretty clean tone, not much pick noise. I thought it wasn't as loud as come of my thicker picks but it felt nice and the difference wasn't too noticeable. I thought the comfort out weighed the slightly quieter tone. I usually use 1.5 or 2mm bluechips or primetones and the 2.5mm d'addario was a little louder and felt as comfortable in the hand.

    For cheap disposable picks I love the Dunlop Primetone. I don't feel bad if they get lost latenight😁

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    You'd think D'addario would be able...or willing, to offer them for less than the small shops. But maybe that's a good news for the small shops because I'd rather support those if the price is the same. Good to know either way.

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    Pick (mis)adventures.

    I have been using a "standard" Wegen GJ pick (3.5 mm) for many years when working towards the GJ style and then I noticed a post on this forum about which picks different players used and I noticed a couple of players were going with Wegen's 1.8mm Big City. It felt pretty "whack-0" as is typical in making a change like that because it was so much smaller but thought I'd give it a decent chance. After a few months I detected some problems with my picking technique - 2 things became apparent.

    1 - I was not keeping my angle correct on the b and e strings and started forcing a correction on that. I was more or less angling down a bit instead of letting it hit flat on the string.

    2 - The big city would slip out of position. The correction for that was to grip it more tightly. The result was a bigger more consistent tone.

    This past week I went to the Wegen Gj 2.5 mm. It was much easier to keep a good grip on it and it gave a little brighter tone than the 3.5's. My conclusion is playing with the Big City 1.8 brought some issues that needed correcting but I'm on the the GJ 2.5's now.

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    Primetone above is the next best thing to BlueChip. Big City were my favorites from the Wegen lineup.

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    I think you can send any pick to Michel Wegen and he'll 3-D scan it and save the file with your name. He can then make picks for you, of any thickness, with your exact shape. He could bevel it, or you could bevel it yourself.

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    Regarding the picks, I just got today PrimeTone 5mm xl pointy picks and I can't give more positive impressions how good this pick sounds. Yes this is a massive thing in your hand which definitely has the weight, but oh boy the guitar under this monster totaly transforms the sound to more basy, more direct a bit more clicky but definitely louder tone. OK, maybe this is also due to the fact that I put 10€ cents under each bridge leg which raised the action a bit, but the guitar now sounds so much fuller.

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    Couldn't resist and ordered a pack, $10 for 3. Nice picks, grip well as they warm up, bevel is very well done, glides well. 3mm in this material is the thickest. As expected, pointy tip is bright, picking with the side mellows things out.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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