Django's U.S. Tour 1946 Info wanted...



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    JazzDawg wrote:
    Finally, found an article that appeared in Time magazine in Nov. 1946 about Django's visit.
    If anyone's interested, the full article from Time can be found here.

    There's some crazy stuff that makes Django (and his wife) seem subhuman. It's awful. Wonder if Django ever read this stuff (or had it read to him.)
    Swarthy Django Reinhardt, now 36, is an almost illiterate gypsy who was born in a roulotte (trailer) and only recently has succumbed to houses.
    Last month the Duke paid Django's airplane passage to the U.S. for a six-month visit (Django's 250-lb. gypsy wife stayed behind).
  • Well one thing is for sure .. the press weren't any different than they are today. :lol:

    Twice in my life I have been on the inside of a press story and in both cases I wouldn't have realized they were writing the story of what I was involved with if they hadn't named the people in the article. :shock:
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
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    Django lists the tour dates in this letter that he wrote. Notice the Hotel Nicollet Minneapolis letterhead. The numbers are not the actual dates, he appears to have been numbering the dates in order.The ad is from the Minneapolis show on November 13.
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    Did you ever scan those advertisements? Would love to see them. Thanks.
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    Barengero wrote: »
    Barengero wrote:
    ...can you tell me if the woman on the picture is the singer Sonia Dimitr(i)evitch who recorded an LP with violinist Yoska Nemeth around 1958?

    Do you have more informations about her?
    I think it is almost certainly the same person. Sonia Dimitrivitch/Dimitrievitch/Dimitrievich (not sure of the exact spelling) was a gypsy singer and is mentioned in Theodore Bikel's autobiography but I don't know much about her.

    This is a picture from the cover of that record.

    …and the song:
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    Thanks for reurrecting this thread. Some fascinating stuff here and a good read. Interesting Django (or someone) removed the pickguard on his Gibson. Seen this described as an L5, but looks like an early ES 300 to me. He sounds great on the few recordings made on his US tour.
    Swang on,
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    If he did remove the pick guard I'm not surprised. I was playing an archtop early on when I started trying to learn 'gypsy picking' and I took my pick guard off because it was so close to the high E string that it got in the way.
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    I enjoyed reading all this over the last few days, missed it originally.
    I am surprised though, how different it is in tone from the chapter in Dregni's book.
    His narrate is a much more positive one based on most of the same facts.

    About the guitar he used throughout, how come there's so many different accounts that differ in which model it was?
    There's: L5, ES330 and Epi Zephir #3442.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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