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Hello gypsy players I was curious if anybody on here has familiar with Dan Hunt Guitars. Are they a good quality? Has anybody ever had a guitar commissioned by Dan and how much is his prices? Saw recent one hit the market. It seem to be very well priced.


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    The one I played is excellent. He's a top shelf craftsman. You have a link to it? How much?

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    I saw that but that sounded like an inquiry as well. For $2K it's relatively a bargain though. Wish I could open the pics attachments, but you have to be logged in.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    Each guitar is different and regardless of the price it's a gamble buying a custom instrument sight unseen/unplayed. Someone on this forum recently snagged a Dupont DM50 for not much more than that and I paid a couple hundred dollars more than this for my Dupont MD50 last year. Dupont is a very consistent guitar, and easier gamble in my mind.

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    As richter above mentions Dupont, and I also have found him the most consistent builder, if you like one and order/find the same model you will likely get a very similar guitar, I can't think of anyone close to that on consistency. I have taken a liking to Vit Cach guitars and all the ones I have played and owned are great but not consistent with each other.

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    Thank you for all the comments and advice. I currently have two DuPonts and just beside myself every time I play them. I was eyeing this one because I’ve heard of Dan Hunt too because it’s electric and it’d be nice to have a plugged in option. I spoke with the seller and he doesn’t seem to know much about these guitars got on a trade. Seems like a good deal, but I’m old enough to know that a lot of times things are too good to be true. I’ve been curious to get a maple back though..

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