What is a Castelluccia "Replica"? And how does it compare to a Dupont MD100?

Hello all, I am in the market for a used 1000-1500€ petite bouche, and still very open to go and try all those that I can… Selmer Style, Favino Style…

I like a big chunky neck, so traditional style is a plus and I am very attracted to the Castelluccias. They are rare on the used market but one has appeared a 30 min drive from where I live: an old model no longer produced and on which I've found next to no information:

  • Castelluccia "Replica" hand-made in 2004
  • Appears to be classic Selmer "Modèle Jazz" spec (spruce top, rw back and sides, 3p walnut/ebony neck) with a piezo microphone ("TAP")

Do you have any experiences with this guitar, and any idea how it relates to the current models ("Tears", "Nuages", etc…)? Besides, there is a used Dupont MD100 of same vintage and same price also pretty near to me – I've read good and bad about this model, and I wonder how you would compare the two.

I know: "go and try them", and I will, but first hand information from knowledgeable players is a good way to go in prepared.

Thanks in advance for any insights you may have!


  • DoubleWhiskyDoubleWhisky Upper FranconiaNew Dupont MD60, 1940s Castelluccia
    Posts: 126

    I can't say anything about the Castelluccia but a friend of mine and band mate plays a Dupont MD100 and is very pleased with it. What is the negative you heard? It definitely has a different character than my MD60, but it's an well build good sounding Selmer style guitar.

    Here you can hear how his MD100 sounds:

  • Radiofm74Radiofm74 New Di Mauro Boogie Woogie
    Posts: 18

    It sure sounds good! Thanks DoubleWhisky!

  • Posts: 4,704

    I suppose "replica" stands for Selmer copy as opposed to their own designs. You'd hardly go wrong with either of those. Michael here usually describes MD100 as MD50 with more affordable, easier to source wood. DuPont will certainly not have a chunky neck though, if that's what you're after.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • JSantaJSanta NY✭✭✭ Dupont, Gaffiero, AJL
    Posts: 257

    Dupont will custom make your neck profile, but the measurements need to be provided. This of course is going to get you into custom territory regarding costs (and waiting time, I waited 17 months or so). I had my Dupont made with a 1:1 copy of a 1953 Selmer and it came out perfectly.

  • Radiofm74Radiofm74 New Di Mauro Boogie Woogie
    Posts: 18

    Hello JSanta, I am buying used so customising the neck is not an option. I've had more detail on the Dupont and it's really a scarred old veteran… and not available for a tryout until February. I think I'll just take my time and perhaps try them both. Buco's "you can hardly go wrong" is what I thought also (barring defects I'd have to see live), and it's pretty encouraging. If anyone has crossed a "Replica" in their life I'm still all ears – the MD100 appears to be a well-made and well-liked Selmer guitar as it is ;D

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    Seemed like you were leaning towards Castelluccia anyway, no?

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Radiofm74Radiofm74 New Di Mauro Boogie Woogie
    Posts: 18

    I am, and of all the guitars I am ogling for some reasons the Castelluccia are those that I am the most attracted to. But this is still totally theoretical, a screen infatuation… until the time comes to try them out. Until then, I'm trying to understand the guitars that are on my market ;D And of course to create opportunities to go and try them. Not one gypsy guitar in my city at the moment it seems! Except for my Di Mauro ;D

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