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Hi folks,

Has anybody figured out how to get a really nice sound on GJ backing tracks? This is non-professional, for my own use but I would like it not to suck. I would be playing all the instruments so any advice on doubling, compression, reverb, all that stuff would be very helpful.

Thanks, Paul


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    It's kinda like any other acoustic instruments recording. Whether you're recording a band or just making backing tracks, same approach applies. I guess the rule of thumb would be will people want to listen to it.

    If you're new to the recording in general, Neumann has a really good series of videos about home recordings and acoustic guitar micing

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    What Buco said, unless you want to be a simpleton Luddite like me. I practice every night that I dont have a gig, playing along with my painfully simple backing tracks that sound great to me. (And the quality is good enough to keep me on top of my game for the gigs). I use a voice recorder app on my old galaxy phone (recording the backing tracks using my Altamira M-10 unplugged, playing along with a metronome). Then, to play them back, I run the old phone through the auxiliary input on an old boombox, and voila...crystal clear backing tracks that sound great to me. The tracks are full and acoustic sounding, and good enough to inspire me to play my best when I practice. Old school, I admit, but they work well & the price is right. I record 4 forms of each song for the backing track. That way when I practice, I can play the head in, solo over a full form, play rhythm along with myself for a full form, and then play the head out. I hope that helps, even if only to amuse my forum friends!

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