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FS: 1979 Favino #658

geese_comgeese_com Madison, WINew 503
edited May 16 in Classifieds Posts: 435

Not sure I really want to sell this guitar because of the sentimental attachment, but I figured I would offer it for sale just in case anyone is interested. I will probably regret it if this guitar does sell since Jon Delaney was one of my biggest inspirations when first starting to play gypsy jazz. Who knows....maybe I'll change my mind and take this listing down.

This guitar used to belong to Jon Delaney. Here is his original ad from 2016:

Here is the listing from Djangobooks:

Here is the listing from

As you can see, it is a well used guitar. I think the pictures show the condition much better than I can describe it.

The original bridge and shims are included. I had another bridge built for it and the action is around 2.8mm low E & 2.5mm high E and the guitar plays fantastically.

There are lots of videos of Jon playing it so you can get an idea of how it sounds:

Here's a video of me playing it at a recent gig:

If it does not sell by Django in June 2023, I will bring it there and I will be there from June 13-16.

Album full of pics:

If interested, send me a message to discuss price and shipping.



  • djazzydjazzy New Riccardo Mordeglia, AJL
    edited May 16 Posts: 41

    oh man.... this guitar, that sound.🙏

    And revisiting those Jon Delaney videos.... it all hits home with an extra punch, of grand beautiful melancholy.

  • GouchGouch FennarioNew ALD Originale D, Zentech Proto, ‘50 D28
    Posts: 100

    This is a GREAT sounding guitar - I’ve heard it played by the seller many times.

  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Altamira M10
    Posts: 1,142

    Hey @geese_com I noticed in one of the Jon videos, the guitar had a pickguard. I also see in Jon's original ad that it was lifting off some. My guess would be that some of the adhesive lifted some of that finish off. It's cool that you ended up with that guitar. I definitely profited from your Chez Jacquet soundslice transcription and learned to play it back around the time Jon passed. I know you move your guitars a lot, but I have a feeling this might be one you'd regret letting go. Especially considering your personal connection to the man.

  • guitarmikeguitarmike Montreal, Quebec✭✭ Old French Gypsy Guitar
    Posts: 95

    I owned that guitar before John Delaney. I bought it from a gentleman from Victoria B.C.

    When I had it, it still had the original Bilardi tuners.

    I had it with me the first time ” Les Doigts de L’homme ” came at Django In June.

    You can reach me for more informations.

  • geese_comgeese_com Madison, WINew 503
    Posts: 435

    Here's the Reverb listing:

    Price will be lower if not sold on Reverb. Feel free to send me a message.


  • geese_comgeese_com Madison, WINew 503
    Posts: 435

    Just lowered the price on Reverb. Got my eye on something else so feel free to send me an offer.

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