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TheGarethJonesTheGarethJones Boston/ParisNew Altamira M30, Gitane D-370
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Hi Guys,

Long time listener, first time caller here! My name is Gareth. Briefly, I went to Berklee College of Music as a singer and dabble a bit in the ol' Gypsy Jazz guitar. I found myself in Paris absorbing as much as I could and wanted to give back to the community, so I regularly pop over from Massachusetts (I'm in Paris right now, actually) and photograph some of the artists that play at my favorite places. I've become friends with Christoph et Julien Brunard (who have residencies at MONK and Au Clairon Des Chausseurs) and the other Brunard, William (that plays with Angelo Debarre, Bireli Lagrene, etc) but try to bounce around and see and photograph as many players as I have the energy for!

I thought I'd post some links here for all to enjoy, as I mainly just give the photos to the artists for promo materials (and nobody else looks at my website, anyway). Hopefully, you'll find some shots you enjoy and, if you see a photographer bouncing around that sometimes ends up singing on stage, say hello!

The main blog where I post my photos:

A fun evening with Christoph and Julien at MONK and Au Clairon:

A few Angelo Debarre evenings (with Aurore Voilqué, as well)

And my Instagram if you enjoy black and white Street Photography 😊

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!

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  • DoubleWhiskyDoubleWhisky Upper FranconiaNew Dupont MD60, 1940s Castelluccia
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    Thanks for that nice story and those lovely atmospheric pictures! Love especially the one with Angelo Debarre, feels like sitting there!

  • TheGarethJonesTheGarethJones Boston/ParisNew Altamira M30, Gitane D-370
    Posts: 11

    Thank you looking and commenting. Glad I could share them with you. 😊

  • richter4208richter4208 ✭✭✭
    Posts: 525

    beautiful photos!

  • Posts: 283

    Love it

  • everetteverett san francisco✭✭✭
    Posts: 154

    Awesome photos! I was also at that Angelo Debarre show...I was lucky to catch them on a work trip from California. Such a memorable show for me!

  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
    Posts: 1,459

    What an enjoyable gallery. I can almost smell the cigarettes - you're like the Herman Leonard of gypsy jazz. Thank you for the photos Gareth!

  • Posts: 4,787

    Yeah man. You have that something that great photographers have. Jeff MacMillan is like that too. I don't know what is it and it's hard to put your finger on it. But it's like when a regular person takes a photo it's just a motionless, still image. But when someone with a skilled eye like you does it, there is a sense of life in motion. Feels I could hit a play button on one of these pictures and it'll continue moving where you stopped it.

    One of Jeff's

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • TheGarethJonesTheGarethJones Boston/ParisNew Altamira M30, Gitane D-370
    Posts: 11

    Wow. What a response! I didn't even think anyone would look 🤣

    Thanks @richter4208 @littlemark I appreciate you checking them out! @everett I was trying to remember if I saw you, but nothing sticks out. I'll have a browse through my outtakes to see if I can find you!

    @wim @Buco Tremendous thanks for such heartfelt comments. It's a great feeling knowing I am effectively communicating the experiences I was having and other people are enjoying them as well! I guess I'll pop a gallery up here every once in a while if people enjoy seeing them!

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