Eddy Davis - The Manhattan Ministrel

Eddy has passed away, and I thought we must just do something to honor him.

I was thinking about digitalizing his whole library of Youtube. Does someone want to help out?

Thank you


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    I wish I was helpful but alas I don’t have the ability nor time for that kind of thing. I will say I’ve watched and learned from Eddie Davis since I started learning tenor at 17 years old over 10 years ago and would love to see this work done.

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    You could help us to start to transcribe some of his music on a piece of paper... I can digitize them...

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    I’m a plectrum player but always enjoyed Eddie’s many contributions to the BHO.

    Somewhere in my basement I have a couple of LP’s from Eddy’s early days.


    PS And also… how about a shoutout to all the other closet banjo players who may be lurking out there…?

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    Hey! I only recently started checking out Eddy - and have begun digging in on a nice tenor banjo which I picked up for a song. I'm playing DGbe (Chicago tuning) bare fingered -- looking to continue a project from pre-pandemic times with tuba, trombone, clarinet, and guitar (now tenor banjo)

    Maybe we should start a tenor banjo topic/category? @Jack told me he's been playing his tenor

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    I play CGDA, the tuning Eddy used. But I can't transcribe his whole thing all by myself, as Irving Berling would say...

    Would it not be better if we team up by email? I don't know how this "topic" here works...

    Let me know

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    I was recently gifted with a zip file containing 3.4 GB of videos (mainly mp4 but a few FLV) of Eddy's postings - in case anything happens, I have those off-line should anyone need something, I probably have it.

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    Just read this comment. Can you upload it there?

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