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Pansch Weiss 330bpm Picking Etude

dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
in Technique Posts: 2,150

Hey folks! I haven’t posted here in a while! But I wanted to share this etude that I wrote based on Pansch’s playing. It’s transcribed in Soundslice, and I recorded it at multiple tempos so people could play along.

In my opinion, Pansch is one of the most exciting players of the new generation. This past summer, I recorded him and his cousins Brady Winterstein and Favino Lorier. They grew up together and, obviously, share certain common traits in their playing but they’ve each developed their own styles. Pansch has created his own unique vocabulary and he’s developed a way to play over super fast tempos by creating picking “hacks”. I liked his playing so much that I decided to use this concept to make this etude.

He’s super underrated because he’s a super lowkey person with a limited online presence. A lot of the amazing players in the east of France are not full time musicians and mostly just play for fun with the occasional gigs and festivals. I hope Pansch can get the full recognition he deserves!

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