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Gloss finish on a Matt guitar

I have a Cigano GJ15, which has a Matt finish. I’d like to make it a gloss finish. Anyone have experience with this? I’ve seen some posts suggesting that you can just polish the finish with an automotive polishing product and a lot of work. Any thoughts? Thanks


  • crookedpinkycrookedpinky Glasgow✭✭✭✭ Alex Bishop D Hole, Altamira M,
    Posts: 869

    I once had a Dupont Busato which had a similar matt finish. I used T cut on a small part of it and it turned glossy. If you do want to try it I would suggest trying it on maybe the back of the guitar first and there's no guarantees of success.

    always learning
  • krzyskrzys New
    Posts: 47

    You can sand the finish off (careful on the laminate parts) and apply coats of Tru Oil with sanding in between to achieve a very glossy finish.

  • pdgpdg ✭✭
    Posts: 315

    This is all a lot of work, with no guarantee that it will look great, and considerable risk of degrading the sound. These tops are thin. Also, it will decrease the resale value. You'd have to think of it as an experiment whose result will be uncertain. It might be safer to sell this one and buy a used gloss finosh guitar.

    Tru-oil doesn't look glossy until you've put on a lot of coats, and you have to wipe off the excess every time. If too much sinks in (unless you've left a barrier to the wood), it will dull the sound.

    Wim GlennBill Da Costa Williams
  • BonesBones Moderator
    Posts: 3,243

    DON'T DO IT. Nothing personal, but if you have to ask you probably are not up to the task. May end up looking like crap and sounding the same.

  • jonpowljonpowl Hercules, CA✭✭✭ Dupont MD-100, Altamira M01F
    Posts: 669

    If you want a gloss finish buy a used Gitane DG-255. Then you will want a matte finish guitar as the Gitane rings like a bell in an echo chamber. Don't make major changes to an inexpensive guitar, just add to your collection.

    Bill Da Costa Williams
  • BonesBones Moderator
    Posts: 3,243

    @jonpowl Haha yeah feed the addiction!

  • Posts: 4,019

    People asking how to strip away the high gloss from their inexpensive guitars is much more common. You just might be able to wait awhile and simply swap guitars with someone.

    Wim GlennBill Da Costa Williams
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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