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Van Hemert System

TwangTwang New
edited January 24 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 376

Thought I'd share some of my early experiences with the Van Hemert system. About a year ago I bought the book which includes access to a set of accompanying videos on youtube. I had a flick through the book and it didn't look very convincing or engaging so I threw it onto the growing pile of unused resources... and there it lay forgotten.

Shortly before Christmas I was looking through my stuff looking for inspiration and I picked up the Van Hemert system again. This time I gave it a proper look and resolved to really commit to it and see what happens. That was six weeks ago and in that time I've put a considerable amount of hours into this.

Now it's still early days but this method seems really good! I'm really noticing some progress and I've always got a clear goal to aim for every time I pick up the guitar. Once you've got his fundamental shapes under you fingers it quickly becomes fun.

Hopefully this post will help other struggling improvisers.

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