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Hello again! And a non-gear related question about recording ...

swing68swing68 Poznan, Poland✭✭✭ Manouche Modele Orchestre, JWC Catania Swing
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Hi All

I hope you're all safe, well, and getting the chance to go out and gig some, wherever you are!

I've got a question about recording, which isn't 100% a technique or gear issue, so here (rather than there, in that thread) goes:

My kids (11, 9) and some of their mates have been playing their respective instruments individually for a year and together as a band for about 4 months: recently, they performed their first small gig. We've been playing mostly late period Django, as note-for-note as our ears and fingers permit.

We're very aware we're at the very start of our musical journey. However, the speed at which things are progressing is way beyond my expectations, and sooner rather than later (1 year? 2?) I can see them wanting to record.

I know Django isn't public domain yet, so approaching the rights holder for permission, etc., etc., is a given. My questions are: who is the rights holder (in the EU, if that makes any difference) and what sort of prices are usual for a license for a pretty faithful cover version?

Any help from seasoned pros who've already put stuff out very gratefully received.

Thanks everyone!

PS no, I can't help myself: here are the Bromberger kids with their versions of 'Fleche D'Or' and 'Impromptu':


Baro Bromberger (11) - guitar

Bogi Bromberger (11) - trumpet

Bruno 'Bulldog' Bromberger (9) - drums

Zofi Bromberger (17) - piano

The war on Am7 and Cmaj7 begins here ...
rudolfochristWillieBucoBill Da Costa WilliamsbillyshakesPetrovBones


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