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A new Django story (for me)

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This is a transcript from a recent interview with Jackson Browne by Marc Maron on his “WTF” podcast. My mouth dropped during this part of the interview:

WTF with Jackson Browne

“Our parents were living in Germany when they had us three kids …. My father worked for the army newspaper …. It was after the war, and they were actually having a really grand time. We lived in a house that was sort of billeted by the army, in this place shared with several other families, with this massive staircase - I think it is been the mansion of some industrialist - and the house was requisitioned or given to these three different families to live in, and they called it “Chateau Mol” - I don’t know where the name came from - but I’ve got a souvenir from a party where my father is playing piano with Django Reinhardt. Django is playing guitar and my father is playing piano Behind him, and I think he told my mother “get the camera” , because he could find Django Reinhardt, which was not always that easy, and hire him to play these parties.”

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