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First manouche guitar - Gallato?

Hello everybody!

I'm new to this forum. I write you because I would like to buy my first manouche guitar. I've found online an used gallato guitar, but I can't understand which model it is. It is labeled edition serie 1 année 2017, selmer-like petite bouche, it has unusual grover tuners, and a bridge pickup already mounted. It is mint condition, woods are very beautiful but I don't know if it is a 1939 model or a low budget model. I can't try it because the seller is far. I would buy it for 700 €. Can you give me your opinion, and help me know the origins of this guitar? Is it a good deal or not?

thank you very much


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    I don't know what the label means but there's a lot of info about the brand on the forum:

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    The first ones were made by Geronimo Mateos between 2004 and 2006, but since then they have been made in China, even though they claim that they are made in France. They may still be good guitars, I don't know, I have never played one, but most people are aware of this false pretence now which does affect resale values. 700 € is not too expensive - about $800 - so the price sounds about right for an Asian factory made guitar.

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    Thank you for Your comments

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    I have 2 Gallatos. They are well built and sound and play great. Mine are the 1939 Angelo DeBarre models. The setup was perfect right out of the box and has not changed in many years. From what I have heard the basic construction is done in Asia but the setup is done in the factory in France. The workmanship is top notch as near as I can tell and I'm also an amateur luthier. Nothing inherently wrong with Asian built instruments, in fact quite the opposite.

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    You're probably right. We have been through this discussion on here before and I agree there is nothing wrong with Asian factory made guitars, if anything they have set a baseline standard that has, for the most part, upped the quality expected from all guitars, whether factory made or more expensively by a known luthier. It is the continued pretence by Gallato that the guitars are 'Made in France' when they are not that has caused some confusion, and then distrust. If they owned up and said where they came from (I was told by a reliable source it is the same factory as Altamira) then they could be judged on their own merits. To add to that, a couple of years ago, once everyone knew where they were made Gallato then introduced a so-called 'budget' model that they said was made in China as if that was going to throw everyone's suspicions into believing the more expensive models really were made in France. Cheeky ? Anyway, I can't get to their website to check as my browser or virus protection says it is not secure.........

    Anyway, back to the original question, yes it probably could be an ideal first guitar at that price; I doubt you would find many second-hand Gitanes and Altamiras around as cheap and others have said they are happy with them.

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    Their own website has some serious bargains like this 450 euro (I didn't have problems opening the site page):

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    I have this D-hole model in maple

    I also have the RS-39 Angelo DeBarre model but I don't see that on the website anymore.

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