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Anyone trying to maintain some fingernails and have issues with getting them caught when playing GJ? I'm not a classical guitar player really but do like to play a bit and it's also nice just for fingerpicking generally. My middle and ring fingers are no problem but I consistenly get my index finger nail caught under the strings when playing GJ. It's not so much a problem with electric picking for some reason.

I've taken to cutting my index fingernail down all the way, so I can at least hybrid pick if I need to. But it would be nice to have at least some nail on my index finger.

I guess I'll try growing it out a tiny bit so I have a nub. I've tried a variety of picks but basically have the same issue. Currently using a blue chip three sided pick so I have a fair amount of real estate. It's not like I catch it that often but when I do (once a day) it is pretty unpleasant.


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    This has be an age old problem in Gypsy jazz as your nails make constant contact with the strings when using rest stroke picking. I’m not sure anyone has found a solution other than abandoning playing with nails all together (which is what I did.) Fake nails probably would work if you’re up for that. They are more resistant to the wear and tear of steel strings and are easily replaceable.

    I remember Boulou Ferre, who also plays using a classical finger style technique, refusing to get on stage at DjangoFest until someone brought him a nail clipper. They couldn’t find one and just pushed him on stage. Halfway through the first tune he put his pick down and just bit his nails off ?

    Raphael Fays and Antoine Boyer also play classical, so they must have some way of dealing with this problem.

  • paulmcevoy75paulmcevoy75 Portland, MaineNew
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    Thanks Michael. I sent Antoine an email. Maybe he has a genius solution.

  • paulmcevoy75paulmcevoy75 Portland, MaineNew
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    It's not the wear and tear that bothers me as much as the feeling in my teeth that last about 2 minutes after I catch my nail.

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    That happens to me as soon as my nails aren't closely trimmed. I sometimes fingerpick but I prefer the fleshy sound of no nails. Have you tried taping over the nail?

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    Yeah I keep at least my index finger trimmed close for that reason but it also helps if you hold the pick with the index finger curled in a bit (i.e don't hole the pick with the end of your finger but closer to the first knuckle if that makes sense). It's less likely to catch that way I think but your can still catch it if the nail is too long.

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    I started out as a fingerpicker and still play that way as well as with a flatpick (FWIW, a Wegen Dipper), so I'm always fussing with my nails. I play with a version of classical nail-plus-flesh: fingernails are just long enough that I can see a crescent of nail when I look from the palm side, and filed (as smooth as possible) asymmetrically, with the thumbward side of each fingernail slightly shorter. The thumbnail I keep a bit longer and also trimmed asymmetrically. (Too long and it catches when I play banjo.)

    I don't care for the long-nail approach of flamenco players--I don't like the tone, and in any case, my nails tend to snap off when they get too long.

    Dressed this way, my nails never interfere with my swing-rhythm flatpicking, even though they're often in contact with the strings. (I can see the discoloration at the end of a set.)

    This is a personal-choice matter, of course, depending on comfort and tone and and nail strength and ease of maintenance.

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