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Looking for a replacement mic putty solution

nicksansonenicksansone Amsterdam, The Netherlands✭✭✭✭

I'm a fan of the Ischell pickup system, which in the mic and contact mic combination does a good job of giving a pure acoustic sound of one's instrument. After my gig today, I noticed that the putty took off a bit of finish ( not a heavily finished polyurethane mirror buffed instrument, but an old guitar). I decided that it was about time to replace the putty I had, which was about a year old. However, this being my first time replacing it, I was not aware that the cost of the putty was 50 euros. Ok, maybe it's some very special expensive material, or, maybe there is something much more economically friendly available for the same price. So if anyone else has looked into it and found an alternative solution, I would be very pleased to know about it. Many thanks in advance.


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