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  • conormckenna 8:44AM

Sold;Magnetic pickup, DeArmond knock off $0 plus shipping or get it at Django in June

edited May 8 in Classifieds
I was going to sell this but it's kinda acting intermittently so I'll just give it away as I didn't spend a lot of money on it myself. It's working, B string is hot. Worse part for me is I spent a lot of time to shave down the casing to I can make it thinner so it fits on my guitar.
Sometimes some strings just kind of drown out, not sure why, maybe the strings on these guitars aren't a good fit. Don't know... repositioning it gets it going. I used a putty to mount it.
If you want to monkey with it and try it out, you pay for shipping and it's yours or meet me at Django in which time I expect a pint at Northampton Brewery.

Picture upload isn't working, I'll put up the picture shortly...

Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel

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