Midsummer Manouche 2017 - Gypsy Jazz in Glasgow & Edinburgh.

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Midsummer Manouche 2017:
Two Cities, Two-day gypsy-jazz jam session.
Listen to or jam all-weekend with some of the finest Gypsy Swing and Jazz Gitane musicians from Scotland and beyond
Saturday is in Edinburgh at the Argyle Bar, Argyle place, just south of the Meadows. 'Hosted' by Paul Paterson and Charlotte too, jamming starts early afternoon. Hope to see some players from Viper Swing, Havana Swing, and Swing 2017 there alongside the Hot Club of Edinburgh regulars and maybe a few folk from the Edinburgh Jazz and Bliues Festival, which is running the same weekend.
Sunday we move the fun to the centre of Glasgow at Babbity Bowster bar in The Merchant City. Jamming starts around 1.30 in the afternoon. We hope to be joined by musicians from Rose Room, Swing Guitars, The Old World News, E Karika Djal, Locarno Swing, Gitane Ecosse alongside Hot Club of Glasgow regulars and a few folk from the Glasgow Merchant City Festival which is also running that weekend
Its a weekend for the players, chanteuses & jammers- bring your instruments, ears and fakebooks. We might be joined by a few Swing dancers too ;-) if there's too many people we'll break-out & play in the Meadows on Saturday or in the beer garden /street on Sunday. Food and drink available from the venues and from many other outlets nearby. Free entry to both venues. And enjoy the fun at the concurrent festivals. {not so free ;-/ }]
So - a weekend of some great Gypsy Jazz and Manouche Swing, maybe the best Django-style jam session this side of Fontainbleu and Samois. Come along and join us.
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