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Best Django Documentary?

Svanis1337Svanis1337 ✭✭✭
in History Posts: 441
My friend wants to learn more about Django, not only the music but also his life. Which one(s) would you recommend the most?


  • PapsPierPapsPier ✭✭
    Posts: 422
    I would say the documentary by Paul Paviot if they are not bothered by the old aspect of the movie (black and white). It is the closest to the poetry of Django IMO.
    Otherwise I like the documentary Django 3 doigts de génie is nice.
  • edited September 2015 Posts: 3,536
    Maybe this thread is quiet because I think most people around here would expect you to have an exhaustive answer to that question more than most. ;)
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • scotscot Virtuoso
    Posts: 584
    There are many fine documentaries covering every aspect of this music but few of them are specific to Django and/or in English. The Paviot film is certainly the best-known of these but it's rare and most people have never seen it. It's in black and white and the narration is in French. There is supposed to be a subtitled version but I have never seen it - and not for a lack of trying. It's more of an art film in the Chris Marker style and not really a biography at all - it's only 23 minutes long. My favorite documentary is the BBC "Django Legacy" which has excellent production and covers a lot of ground in 40 minutes. The DVD about Grapelly's life is good and has some info about Django. But if you want to learn much about about Django's life and times, you have to go to books.

  • Yes Delauney's book is very insightful as he spent so much time with him.
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
  • Micky DunneMicky Dunne Liverpool UK✭✭✭✭ Olivier Marin, JWC Modele Orchestre, AJL La Flasque
    Posts: 147
    Django Legacy

    Fast and bulbous
  • ChrisMartinChrisMartin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Di Mauro x2, Petrarca, Hoyer, Epiphone x2, Burns x2, & Paul Beuscher resonator.
    Posts: 709
    The best way to go, and highly recommended for everyone is the 4 disc DVD set 'Django Reinhardt - Gentleman Manouche'. It includes the original Paul Paviot film on one disc, another of the British production 'Django Legacy' (also mentioned above) another film called 'Les Enfants de Django' from 2006 featuring many of the modern players, and the last has a feature on Patrick Saussois and a concert by the Rosenberg Trio at the New Morning club in Paris. It is a French product and is coded for Region 2 so you will probably need a DVD player that can play all regions or see if your computer can play Region 2. Also the commentary is all in French but I have not checked if there are subtitles. It is available from DjangoStation at; and sometimes turns up on ebay. I repeat, every fan of Gypsy Jazz or Django should have this. Maybe Michael will see if he can source a supply to sell through Djangobooks?
    BucoBill Da Costa Williams
  • Svanis1337Svanis1337 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2015 Posts: 441
    Thanks! I have Gentleman Manouche and so have seen the Paviot documentary, but never subtitled.
  • Andrew UlleAndrew Ulle Cleveland, OH✭✭✭ Antoine DiMauro modele Django
    Posts: 509
    If I go by my experiences of traveling in France, there won't be any English subtitles. ;)
  • bopsterbopster St. Louis, MOProdigy Altamira M30, Wide Sky PL-1, 1940? French mystery guitar
    Posts: 506

    The best way to go, and highly recommended for everyone is the 4 disc DVD set 'Django Reinhardt - Gentleman Manouche'. It includes the original Paul Paviot film on one disc

    Just ordered this from Rakuten France. Paypal was used, so no issues with not having a french credit card.

  • tomcunntomcunn ✭✭✭
    Posts: 103

    Rakuten is selling dvd in Zone 2 format

    will i be able to play it in the u.s.?

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