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Out of Print?

JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
edited June 2006 in History Posts: 1,748
Hi all,

I've been wondering lately if there's a way we can shortcut the long circuit of bootleg/live/out of print trading. I know it's been brought up before to no avail, but I still think it's a viable idea. I've spent so much time making copies of things that people can't find that I know there's a demand, and I really think the whole gypsy jazz community will benefit from having these recordings readily available.

The first step, I think, would be for all of us to come up with a list of what's out there (be it out of print, live, etc.). I'm hoping we can do that here, so start posting your requests-but note that what I don't want to do is encourage trading discs that are still available commercially.

Ideally, someone on the forum will have an FTP site that they can make available to all of us-that way we can all upload and download the goods. Without something like that, I doubt this would work; we'd just be relying on whomever has the best collection, and whoever that is (Dennis) would soon be tired of constantly sending off the same things. But if we can work together, it could be great.

What do you think?



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