AJL "New XO"


I've made some updates to my XO Model. in addition to two-way truss rod, all necks have unidirectional carbonfiber reinforcing rods. With optimized new bracing new guitars have even more projection & more punch on high strings.
All new guitars also have Jescar frets, same dimensions as before, but they're lasting longer. You can recognize "New XO" from it's tailpiece insert.

best regards

Master Luthier - AJL-Guitars


  • adrianadrian AmsterdamVirtuoso
    Posts: 543
    Very nice! My AJL 503-XO is great, and the only complaint I've had is that the truss rod needs to be adjusted at least once a year as the seasons change. Great to see you've addressed this.
  • Al WatskyAl Watsky New JerseyVirtuoso
    Posts: 440
    Most guitars need their rods adjusted *at least* once a year. There are guitars being made that need to be adjusted *every* day and repaired every *other* day. @-)
    Almost no guitars achieve total stability. Either the neck moves or the top moves , or both. b-(
  • lostjohnlostjohn Charleston, WV✭✭ Altamira M01
    Posts: 81
    There is one solution that I know of - carbon fiber. I know a lot of traditionalists think if it ain't wood, it ain't good, but In addition to my wood guitar stable, I have 2 Composite Acoustics carbon fiber acoustics. They play and sound the same at 5 degrees & 5 per cent humidity as at 70 degrees & 70 percent humidity. No worries. And they sound good. I would love to see an adventurous builder try to achieve a gypsy jazz sound in a carbon fiber guitar. Perhaps I should contact Alistair Hay, a carbon fiber builder in Ireland (Emerald Guitars). If anyone is pushing the envelope in CF design, it's him.
    Let 'er rip, traditionalists.
  • bopsterbopster St. Louis, MOProdigy Wide Sky PL-1, 1940? French mystery guitar, ‘37 L-4
    Posts: 513
    I have always love the sound and look of the XO models. One day ...
  • Posts: 4,732
    I have to tell you @adrian your AJL has got some mighty sound. One of the few guitars, along with Alfonso's Holo that made me swoon over it.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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