Poll ......Which sax do you like in GJ

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I am interested in hearing any thoughts as to whether you guitar players or other instrument have a preference for soprano, alto or tenor saxes in GJ.

Is there one range of notes that you think inherently works better than the others.

I play tenor or alto in R & B as needed, tenor in big band and while I have my thoughts on GJ, I am much more interested in others. Going to DIJ and will be working up for that in the new year.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on on this. If I new how I would make it a poll
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  • StevearenoSteveareno ✭✭✭
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    In GJ, I prefer soprano or clarinet (funny because I took clarinet lessons as a kid and hated it, but now I appreciate it). In R&B i like tenor or baritone. Can't stand free blowing, out, be bop.

    Thought I'd try a comment in the new format. Still on the fence. I liked the wallpaper on the old site. A more elegant look.

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  • pickitjohnpickitjohn South Texas Corpus, San Antonio, AustinVirtuoso Patenotte 260
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    Koen De Cauter has caused me to vote for the soprano sax.

    Bossa Dorado ! Rosenberg - K De Cauter

    solo around 1:46

    I love all the WASO stuff w/ Fapy.

    I'm with Swanging @ Steveareno with the soprano or clarinet

    pick on


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  • BonesBones Moderator
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    Soprano or clarinet.
  • MatteoMatteo Sweden✭✭✭✭ JWC Modele Jazz, Lottonen "Selmer-Maccaferri"
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    Guitar and clarinet sound beautiful together. There's a woody quality in the sound of both instruments that make them mix so well. But soprano sax sounds terrific in gypsy jazz too, maybe the register of soprano and clarinet has something to do with it too? But speaking of Koen de Cauter and WASO, the tunes where he plays tenor sound really good as well. So I think soprano or tenor sax together with acoustic guitars. Alto with electric guitar – think Django with Hubert Fol in '53!
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    I jammed the other day with a soprano sax. Sounded kinda nice, after he closed the case.
    No it really is a nice sounding instrument, deep and loud.

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  • Lango-DjangoLango-Django Niagara-On-The-Lake, ONModerator
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    Clarinet for sure. Soprano sax in the wrong hands is a very dangerous weapon.

    Alto and tenor seem more mainstream jazz than gypsy jazz to me.
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  • BonesBones Moderator
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    Xaphoon :-)
  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
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    Can't stand soprano sax .. it's an inferior instrument to clarinet in every way in my opinion. Often it sounds really out of tune, even when played by guys with years of experience. What's up with that?
    Tenor and Alto are good though
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    How can an apple be inferior to an orange. Wim, if what you are really saying is you don't like soprano.... your opinion is as valid for you as anyone else's for them. :)

    Sax is capable of a much broader tonal palette than clarinet......clarinet has the largest range of the woodwind family without using special effects (called altissimo).

    If you want to check out people who really have command of soprano sax check out Steve Lacy ro Joe Giardullo. Too bad that neither of them were into GJ.

    Koen deCauter gets quite a dark rich sound from his old Buescher TT...and to my ear he has pretty good intonation. I always enjoy listening to him.

    Personally I would have loved to have heard Django and Sidney Bechet play together. I always hope that one day a recording of the two of them will surface.

    Sax uses a different harmonic concept (truncated cone vs tube) than clarinet.

    For those who have an interest the lowest note on a sop is concert Ab below middle C and on the alto concert Db below middle C. Only a fifth between them.

    I should add as I play soprano alto and tenor ...right now my fave is alto in GJ.
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
  • Michael BauerMichael Bauer Chicago, ILProdigy Selmers, Busatos and more…oh my!
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    Which one do I like? Whichever one stays in its case. :>

    I love saxes in many kinds of music, but not in gypsy jazz. I do like clarinets, because they fill the same tonal space as a violin, in a general sense.
    I've never been a guitar player, but I've played one on stage.
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