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  • My coach at college is the top bass clarinet player in our part of the world. While he has yet to come to the GJ fold, :shock: :) He did commission seven new bass clarinet works that debuted last fall.

    I think bass clarinet in GJ would be a whole lot of fun and would work particularly well in tunes like Nuages which have lots of space.

    To my ear the big challenge would be finding some space in the instruments register playing with bass and a couple of guitars.

    I will be really interested to hear of your experiences and thoughts.
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    it's on my list of things to do, is try out the Eb alto and Bb bass clarinets. not sure if they'd work in Gj, as Jazzaferri suggests... First i'll have to buy / borrow the gear, though - YaY! i get to buy more stuff!

    plus- anybody thought about the sopranino Eb clarinets for gj ?? there are a few around , quite cheap too..
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