DJANGOLOGISTS - The Movie : Free viewing on youtube

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Hey hey everyone, I've uploaded the full, 57-mn video documentary I shot during the recording of the Rosenberg Trio's "Djangologists" album.

One week in Studio with Stochelo, Nonnie & Nousche, plus friends like Adrian Van Den Berg and of course Mr Biréli...

It's here, it's good and it's FREE, enjoy and tell your friends.
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    Resurrecting this old thread. I have always loved the "Free as a Bird" EP but somehow missed out on purchasing the actual Djangologists CD. I'm looking between a digital download and the physical CD. I understand the CD comes with a movie and a booklet. Is this movie the one that is on the CD? I have heard the CD/DVD movie might not play on US players. Looking at the timing of this post, it seems that @Super Mario Maccaferri might have waited the reasonable ~2ish years and then made it available to all. Is that the case?

    Also, it says there is a booklet with the CD. For those that have the CD, is there anything that stands out about the booklet? Is it just a track listing and credits or is there more in there? The digital download arrives immediately, the hard copy takes longer to arrive. If the hard copy just comes with things that are already available, I'll take the DL option.

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    Hi Mario, tks billyshakes for this resurrection

    Excellent music! What a touch! very good memories too, tks a lot Mario!

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    Don't think I was aware of this footage (even though I'm the channel sub) so yeah, thanks for the resurrection. Will be watching today.

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    The original CD I have includes the DVD and as this Youtube one also runs for 57 minutes I guess they are the same.

    I think the disc with mine is 'all regions' so should play on any player anywhere (unless anyone knows different?).

    The booklet has some small print and photos, 16 pages but I have to admit I have not read it so can not comment on how vital the content is.

    Still, a great CD though.

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