Schertler DYN Pickup

The acoustic electrodynamic transducer from Schertler is patented worldwide. The heart of the transducer is a coil which moves through a decoupled magnetic field to create a voltage differential, delivering a true response to the acoustic vibrations of the instrument’s body. Schertler DYN-Series transducers provide a sound that is exceptionally acoustic in nature, a pickup quality until now thought impossible to produce. The sound is close to that of a studio microphone, but without the on-stage problems of bleed or feedback.


DYN-G for Guitar and Banjo

DYN-M for Mandolin

DYN-V for Violin and Viola

DYN-B for Double Bass

DYN-C for Cello

DYN-ABG for Acoustic Bass Guitar

DYN-P for Piano

DYN-GP for Piano

DYN-H for Harp

DYN-E for Ethnic Instruments

C-DYN for Guitar, Mandolin, or Resonator Guitar

DYN-Series transducers can be used in a variety of applications, from home recording to live performances, encompassing all types of music and musical playing styles where the utmost in accurate acoustic reproduction is required.

DYN-Series transducers are possibly the soundman’s best friend. In the past, there has been a notable difference between studio and live sound reproduction. Schertler’s acoustic transducers have bridged this gap by providing much more realistic, studio-like sound reproduction on-stage. The difference is appreciated by musicians and fans as well.

Signal isolation when using microphones in live situations is probably the most daunting challenge for audio engineers. With Schertler DYN-Series transducers, isolation is no longer a problem, providing a simple yet elegant solution to eliminate bleed and feedback on stage.

DYN-Series transducers have a low-impedance, balanced XLR output. Easy to install, they provide extremely fast response to instrument vibrations as well as accurate reproduction of the instrument’s characteristics.

As contact microphones, Schertler electrodynamic transducers deliver extensive headroom, smooth dynamics and accurate attack response, all which combine for a “musical” solution to any live situation.

Imagine the possibilities. For example, being able to “mic” an orchestral string section and integrating it into a heavy metal theme. The strings now have a strong, well-defined presence in the mix, at levels competing with the lead guitar if desired.

Schertler DYN-Series transducers permit maximum flexibility in stage layout and use of available space, allowing a wide variety of instruments to work in close proximity without the problems posed with traditional microphones.


The practical use of a solid-state transducer for live applications depends on the elimination of feedback and bleed. Microphones faithfully transmit sound but often cannot overcome either of these problems. For years, an attempted solution was a combination of microphones and piezo pickups. However, this resulted in a twofold problem: poor piezo sound on one hand, and microphone feedback and bleed on the other.

Schertler DYN-Series transducers deliver “microphone-quality” sound with significant resistance to feedback. (Of course, ANY acoustic instrument, given its light frame, will eventually resonate in response to very loud speaker output).

Applying the Electrodynamic Transducer

The application and use of Schertler DYN-Series transducers is extremely simple and safe. Special inert adhesive putty is provided to mount the pickup to the instrument body. The best location for your sound is quickly found through our indications or through experimentation with placement.

The balanced, low impedance output reduces the risk of hum and radio frequency (RF) interference, even with long cable runs. The XLR connector allows direct connection to mixing desks or preamplifier inputs. For additional control of level and tone, the Schertler PRE-AII preamplifier is perfectly matched to the DYN-Series.

DYN-Series transducers are expressly designed for mandolin, violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, harp, piano (including grand piano) and many ethnic or “world” instruments.

The DYN-Series by Schertler allows musicians total freedom of movement while isolating the instrument from surrounding signals. There can be two people on stage, or twenty, and DYN-Series transducers will deliver needed headroom and dynamics.

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Manuals and Specs

DYN-G Manual

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DYN-M Manual

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DYN-V Manual

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DYN-B Manual

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DYN-C Manual

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DYN-P Manual

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DYN-GP Manual

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DYN-H Manual

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