Review of Gypsy Fire (Just Jazz Guitar Magazine)

Just Jazz Guitar – May 2006 – by Ted Gotsegen

In a relatively short period of time, the homegrown imprint has destroyed every single mainstream publishing house by creating technically accurate methodologies for playing Jazz Manouche. With the addition of Andreas Oberg’s new book Gypsy Fire, they are untouchable. Oberg is a graduate of the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, he is one of the finest jazz guitarists on the planet. Fully rounded, he’s equally talented be it playing bebop, Tuck Andreas style solo guitar or Jazz Manouche. He is simply an astounding talent. He has demystified the style by demonstrating the thirty most common patterns and arpeggios. These will enable a beginning guitarist to get a more authentic sound, while more advanced students will be able to hone their fingerings and picking. Containing an audio CD, each example is performed at two speeds, slow and fast. The CD also contains relevant tunes designed around the examples in this book. Along with Gypsy Picking there is simply no better way; except for moving to Europe, to learn how to play this style correctly.

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