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Lesson 6: Walking Bass and Chords

Become a one man Gypsy jazz rhythm section by learning the Walking Bass and Chords technique of accompaniment. This lesson demonstrates how Django used a combination of walking bass lines and chords to create the illusion of an entire rhythm section on just one guitar. 8 notated and MP3 audio examples are included. A full Gypsy style Walking Bass and Chords arrangement of the popular jazz standard All of Me is included. 8 pages of text

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Favino D Hole

favino d hole front.jpg

favino d hole close front.jpg

favino d hole side.jpg

favino d hole close side.jpg

favino d hole back.jpg

favino d hole close back.jpg

JP Favino Oval

This guitar represents the final culmination of over 50 years of Favino guitars. Jean-Pierre has taken the lessons of his father to improve the playability, volume, and tone of the Favino guitar. The body is smaller then the original Favino. It is actually nearly identical to a Selmer: 15 3/4″ wide, 4″ deep.  Scale length is 666mm which is slightly shorter then a Selmer (670mm). The back and sides are amazing Brazilian Rosewood, the top is Spruce, and it has a Maple neck. Other innovations include the solid wood tailpiece (ala Benedetto) and a fingerboard extension that goes all the way to up the 24th fret. This guitar also has very cool little position markers which I’ve only seen on one other Favino. There is a piezo pickup mounted under the top, with a jack on the bottom bout.

This guitar is without a doubt both the loudest, and most playable Selmer type guitar I’ve ever come across. Rarely do these two attributes occur in one guitar. The smaller body yields a clear, cutting high end that is incredibly present yet not harsh. The sound is very dry with no sympathetic ringing, strange harmonics, etc. Every note has a very strong, and clear fundamental. And unlike most guitars with a smaller body, this guitar still has some decent low end. So it can still handle rhythm well. The guitar “speaks” very easily….even the lightest pick attack will produce substantial volume.

Overall, I would definitely describes this guitar as the ultimate modern Gypsy jazz lead machine. If you like to play Minor Swing one moment, and then Donna Lee the next, this is the guitar for you. Any of the high speed, modern Gypsy-Bop licks of Bireli, Stochelo, etc. are easily executed on this guitar. It almost plays itself.

The guitar is in excellent condition with no cracks or dings at all. Looks like it has less then 100 hours of playing on it.

favino front.jpg

favino close front.jpg

favino back.jpg

favino close back.jpg

favino side.jpg

favino close side.jpg


dupont front.jpg

dupont front close.jpg

dupont side.jpg

dupont side close.jpg

dupont back.jpg

dupont back close.jpg

Lesson 7: Gypsy Jazz Chord Substitutions

Learn how to instantly reharmonize any jazz tune with the following techniques: Adding Tensions, Tritone Substitution, ii-V subs, Gypsy Style Turn-Arounds, and Deceptive Cadences. 9 notated and MP3 audio examples are included. 7 pages of text (from my Gypsy Jazz column in Just Jazz Guitar August, 2005).

For more info or to download go to: Lessons Online

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