Lesson #4: Lyrics for Nuages: It’s the Bluest Kind of Blues

Occasionaly over the years I’ve seen Django’s famous composition Nuages listed as It’s the Bluest Kind of Blues. Often a lyric credit is also attributed to Spencer Williams. I finally did a little research and unearthed the following version of Nuages aka It’s the Bluest Kind of Blues. It was printed by Peter Maurice Music Co. in 1946. I suppose it’s possible Django might have actually collaborated with Williams in person during his tour of the U.S. that year.

It’s the Bluest Kind of Blues

I read through the introduction or “verse.” It’s nice, it could be used as an instrumental introduction for a more conventional Gypsy version of the song. The part we recognize as Nuages begins on the second page were it is marked “Chorus.”

Incidentally, many of the standards from this era have a “verse” which was part of the original show the song was from. They are largely forgotten now. However, its often worth doing some research to find out what they are. You’d be surprised how many introductions are based on the original verse. For example, check out Django’s 1953 version of Night and Day.

It’s the Bluest Kind of Blues was recorded by a number of famous American jazz singers. The most famous was probably Peggy Lee. Here’s a clip of her singing it.

Peggy Lee: It’s the Bluest Kind of Blues

Here’s another version by Monica Lewis.

Monica Lewis: It’s the Bluest Kind of Blues

And finally a contemporary version by Mike Ferre.

Mike Ferro: It’s the Bluest Kind of Blues

Enjoy! -Michael

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