Lesson #3: Enclosure Pattern

This month’s lesson is based on Picking Pattern #2 from the Gypsy Picking book. This pattern uses strict alternate picking to play an even number of notes per string (in this case four notes per string).

Lesson 3 uses Picking Pattern #2 to play enclosures around a G major arpeggio. An enclosure is when you play a note one step above and a half step below a chord tone. Django used this idea often and it has become part of the vocabulary of most contemporary Gypsy guitarists. At slower tempos eighth notes are too slow, so you’ll have to double-time it so its all sixteenth notes (listen to Django’s performance of Del Salle). Because this pattern uses straight alternate picking, you can play it extremely fast.

This idea can work over a variety of chord progressions. Try this idea anytime you’re playing over a Major or Dominant chord for several measures. It also sounds nice over Rhythm Changes tunes like Swing 42. Sometimes I use it over the A section to Djangology and Oh! Lady Be Good. You can also transpose this idea to work over other chords (minor or Dominant). Have Fun! -Michael

Audio Example
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