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Best deal around € 3.000?

Good evening everyone,
here is Gabriele - new to this fantastic forum! I am approaching my first "important" selmer style guitar, and I'm seriously stuck at searching the best deal between luthiers with a budget of 2.500 - 3.000 euros. Actually I'm stuck between these incredible luthiers and their models:
- AJL, model 503 (XO is too expensive atm for me)
- Eimers, model Quatre (indian)
- Eimers, model Antique (brazilian) used 2015
- Gaffiero, model with indian palysander
- Maurice Dupont, model MD100 (I don't like the sound of MD60, MD100 is too expensive 3.4k base)

Could you please provide me some feedback to help me thinning out the "choice fog" ? Different choices are welcome!

Thank you a lot!


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