DG-255 vs.DG-250's neck



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    Thanks for the quick reply gents -

    Jack, I just tried that chord voicing... with the right hand angle... I got it... but I had to sever the connective tissue between my little finger, ring finger, and middle finger to get the reach... ah well, when I heal up, I'll be a better guitar player... tendons really are over-rated anyway. Be thankful for your big flexible hands, man. :)

    Collin, I've been meaning to tell you about a band for a while now. They were called: "Del Rey and the Yes Yes Boys" and they have a jive similar to your band. A year or so ago, the reeds man, Dave Flory, left for New York to have a go at the jazz scene there, and the rest of the band, sans vocalist, joined my brother's traditional jazz band (Holotradband). So, the "Yes Yes Boys" exist no more, but they put out one great album before heading their separate ways. Mike, the drummer, also plays with Jo Miller and the Burly Roughnecks. I like Jo's band too. There are a lot of hot Trad / Swing / GJ players in Seattle.
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