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Updated list of licks

kungfumonk007kungfumonk007 ✭✭✭✭
edited April 2013 in Licks and Patterns Posts: 408
So I've slowed down but here you are:

1-2 Joscho Stephan HoneySuckle Rose
3-6 Jimmy Rosenberg Swing 48
7-9 Joscho Stephan Minor Swing
10 - Django Reinhardt Minors Swing (I had to do at least one)
11-12 Russell Malone It's All Right With Me
13-16 Tchavolo Schmitt Seul Ce Soir
17-21 Frank Vignola Some Of These Days
22-27 Joscho Stephan Bossa Dorado (I can barely play some of these)
28-31 Bireli Legrane Si Tu Savais
32-36 Bireli Legrane Django's Tiger (The Bireli licks are pretty sweet)
38-41 Yorgui Loeffler - Fiso Place
42- 48 Stochello Rosenberg - For Sephora
49-56 - Fapy Lafertin - Exactly Like You
57-62 - Les Doigts de l'Hommne - Joseph Joseph
63-72 - Joscho Stephan - Nuages
73-79 Bireli - Daphne
80-84 - Gonzalo Bergara - Coquette
85-89 - Rich Chiariluce (Clarinet)- Nagasaki
90-92 - Leigh Jackson - Swing Gitan
93-95 - Jimmy Rosenberg - Made For Wesley
96-99 Joscho Stephan Spain
100-103 Joscho Stephan Caravan
104-105 John Jorgenson Hungaria
106-109 Jimmy Rosenberg Unaccompanied
111-117 Django Reinhardt Cou-Cou (looks like I skipped 110)
118-126 Django Reinhardt Viper's Dream
127-131 QHCSF 'Round Midnight
132-137 Lollo Meir Brazil
138-146 Frank Vignola Gypsy Bach
147-153 Tchavolo Schmitt Sheik of Araby
154-162 Joseph Reinhardt Sweet Georgia Brown
163-171 Swing 39 Sarane Ferret
172-192 Than Tchou La Gitane
193-216 Sheik of Araby Tchan Tchou
216-236 Un Peu De Reve Joseph Reinhardt
237-248 Angelo Debarre There Will Never Be Another You
249 Joscho Stephan Bossa Dorado
250-253 Frank and Jimmy Limehouse Blues
254-263 Birelli Belleville
264 Joscho Stephan Troublant Bolero
265-269 Jean Matelot Ferret La Saint Bonheur
270 Joscho Artillerie Lourde
271 Joscho Sweet Georgia Brown
272-273 Joscho Stephan Dinette
274-282 Dirty Loops Circus (Okay, I know, not GJ but it still had to be done)
283-284 Joscho Stephan Ursulas Freilach
285-286 Joscho Stephan Joseph Joseph
287 Joscho Manoir Des Me Reves
288 Adrien Moignard Billets Doux
289-290 Fapy Lafertin Stardust
291-293 Aaron Walker Random Licks I like
294-298 Jimmy Rosenberg No More Bolero

The last few are still uploading to youtube. Enjoy - corrections ALWAYS appreciated.


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