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Using the LR Baggs Venue DI

ChiefbigeasyChiefbigeasy New Orleans, LA✭✭✭ Dupont MDC 50; The Loar LH6, AJL Silent Guitar

I’ve been looking at the LR Baggs Venue DI for a while now and decided to pull the trigger. I foresee a number of very helpful aspects to it including 1. Convenient boost from a pedal button; 2. Really good EQ, tone, and feedback control; 3. Onboard tuner; 4. Possibility for direct out into soundboard.

If it does what it says it does, this would eliminate three pieces of equipment that I now use separately. The fourth aspect – direct out – is not something I’ve experimented with in the past. I currently use an unnamed contact pickup through my Schertler David amplifier. Although the David has some pretty sophisticated tone control, I feel still felt the need to tweak the sound with a graphic equalizer.

One question does come to mind, however. Would it make a difference to use the Baggs direct out and plug that into the microphone input of the Schertler David, or should I just simply use the regular guitar cord input into the amplifier that comes from the stomp-box?

I’ve been pretty satisfied with my amplified sound so far, but this may really simplify what I want. Just checking to see if anyone uses this on a regular basis and whether you agree with my assessment.


  • TDogTDog Victoria, BCNew Shelley Park Montmartre; Cigano GJ 5
    Posts: 31

    Great choice! I bought a venu this spring on a friends recommendation and have been really happy with it. Its build like a tank. The only thing I dont like is the tuner, which I find hard to use and not very accurate.

    I use a guitar cord with my tube map, but usually use an xlr to the mic input on my acoustic amp because my xlr cable is longer which lets me put the amp wherever i want. I set the amp to my usual settings then tweak the eq on the venue as needed.

    My friend who has one plays twice a week at a local club and just plugs the venue right into the sound board and sounds great (though hes usually playing a ES 250 rather than selmac).

  • Posts: 4,005

    I use an XLR out with Para DI into the mic input on the amp. It has a hotter signal than the 1/4" and I feel I can get the volume I need before feedback easier with XLR. Also I think it's a bit brighter on the XLR side but it may be I think that only because it's louder.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • ChiefbigeasyChiefbigeasy New Orleans, LA✭✭✭ Dupont MDC 50; The Loar LH6, AJL Silent Guitar
    Posts: 310

    After ordering the Venue, I started reading about the Baggs Voiceprint DI. It looks like it's Baggs' answer to the Tonedexter.

    It's got all digital parametric EQ (as opposed to analog EQ with the Venue). But the big selling point appears to be being able to get a good voiceprint analysis read of the the sound of the guitar via the Iphone mic (!?!?!). You then tweak the saved sample sound, and use the stompbox to send the signal to the amp. You choose the blend of your pickup and the sample sound to produce what they claim is as close to the actual sound of your guitar. Also, you control the sound from your phone, bluetooth connected to the stompbox, via an app.

    Anyone try this? It appears to be another rabbit hole to go down, because even the company video hinted that you can do a pretty good job with their other DI boxes (like the Venue), but that this new device is all digital and easier. The rabbit hole part is being able to save endless programmed variations of saved sample that you have tweaked with their EQ program and other settings.

    There appears to be no reason to own both, so I'm researching while I have the chance.

    It's amazing what you can find time to do when you retire and are shut in by a plague.

  • Posts: 4,005

    I don't remember that anyone on the forum used and reviewed the Voiceprint. There's been a mention of it, that's all I remember. You can find more on the Tone Dexter and NUX Optima Air.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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